Chapter 20

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Ivy's P.O.V
The show was over and I was in the girls dressing room.
"Have you set a date yet?" Pippa asked.
"So when do we go dress shopping?" Jaz asked.
"After I have the twins. But maybe we could go shopping for you guys dress soon."
"YAY!!!" They said. I laughed at them I walked down the hall to Daveed's room and opened the door. I couldn't believe what I saw.

Daveed's P.O.V
"Ariana stop, please. Ivy is right down the hall."
"OK so she will stay there." She said kissing me. I cheated on Ivy once with Ariana and it was the biggest mistake ever.
"Because I have twins on the way and I purposed to the love of my life."
"If you loved her you would not be with me."
"I am not with you! That was a one time thing and it was a mistake."
"There are no such thing as mistakes." She said kissing me again. Just then I heard the door open.
"Ivy." I said walking towards her. She backed away from me. Her eyes filled up with tears.
"How could you. I thought you loved me." She said running from me.
"At least she didn't throw the ring in your face." Ariana said.
"Get out."

Omg!!! It hurt me so much to write this because I love Ariana sooooo much!!!! Enjoy!!

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