[Your Pov]

I laid on top of my bed, thinking about what the guys told me yesterday. I was their sex slave?! I don't understand and I could not see myself as one either. I couldn't sleep well after the terrible news, I never found a comfortable way to sleep in and my mind was filled and I also thought about Ten oppa, I miss him..
I rolled to my right side and looked at the cute little clock I had on one of my night stands beside my bed, it was 6.00 am. I sighed deeply and sat up.
'I should probably go up and make them breakfast.'

I placed both my feet on the floor and got up, I grabbed the big black morning coat that was hanging on the door when I came inside, it was too big for me and I think it's one of the guys actually. I opened the door slightly and looked through the small opening, I couldn't see or hear anything. Perfect.
I walked out and into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and grabbed some ingredients.
'They are going to love my pancakes.'
As I started to make the pancakes my head was filled with new thought about the guys. 'Maybe they are not as bad as I think, I should probably get to know them. But I had all right to freak out like that, I didn't know what I actually signed up for... JYP kinda tricked me.. '

"Hey." Someone said behind me and woke me up from my thoughts, I turned around to see one of the guys that I already had forgot the name one. I'm just so so bad at names.
"H-hey you.." I answered.
"Are you okey?" He asked.
"I guess, I don't know.."
"Well I understand why you reacted like that, Hah I would do that same." He said and laughed, oh god what a cute laugh! It actually made me smile. "You have a nice smile (Y/N)." I blushed and bit my bottom lip.
"T-thanks." I stuttered awkwardly. I'm not that used to compliments, I only got negative stuff because I was never as good as my bigger siblings.
"Your not used to compliments, am I right?" He walked closer to me. I looked at him, he looked really nice. His black hair was bruised downwards, his skin was flawless and he had really cute puppy eyes.
"What are you making?"
"Umm pancakes."
"Do you need some help?" He asked and smiled.
"Yeah sure." I smiled back and we started with the pancake mix again.

After 5 minutes of silence I couldn't take it anymore, I just had to make a fool out of me.
"Umm can I asked a question?" I said, the guy looked down at me and nodded. "Um I'm really sorry but what's your name?"
He laughed out loud and clapped his hands. Damn it! Why I'm a so bad at names!
He noticed that I wasn't joking, I had a serious look on my face so he stopped laughing. He cleared his throat.

"My name is Park JinYoung, my stage name was Jr. before but I don't like that anymore so I want people to say my real name instead. "
"Ah thanks, I'm really sorry but I'm not that good with names."
"It's okey (Y/N) I'm the same." He said and winked. "You don't know us at all? Like Your not a fan?"
"Yeah I'm sorry, I only know one song that you have made. It's called 'If you do' and it's really great."
"Heh thanks." JinYoung laughed.
"GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!" One guy yelled while 3 other guys came inside the kitchen.
"YHA! Your to loud, it only 6.30 am stupid!" Another guy yelled.
"Hey noona~" the last person said and with a smirk.
They all sat down at the kitchen table and looked at JinYoung and me. They all smiled and waved.
"Good morning (Y/N)!" They all said at the same time.
"G-Good morning." I answered back with a small wave. JinYoung chuckled beside me.

"What are the other 3 doing?" JinYoung asked the guys.
"Jackson and Mark hyung is still sleeping and YoungJae is still in the bathroom." One guy answered, he was the one with the two small birth marks above his eye. I think his name was JB or something.
"Go and wake the sleeping members maknae." JinYoung said.
"Okey hyung." The so called maknae answered and left the kitchen.
I continued to cook the pancakes and I was almost done.
"Do you need more help (Y/N)?" JinYoung asked.
"No I'm good, thanks." He gave me a smile and sat down beside JB. It was quite until the the rest came. I turned around to see the kitchen filled with seven beautiful guys. They all sat at the table. I slightly smiled and walked to the table, I sat down the pancakes in the middle and as soon I let go of them all the guys were taking the food.

I sat beside a tall guy with blonde hair, I think I remember his name. It was jack... ugh Jackson maybe? We all eat the food and everyone made weird noises when they eat, and that's good because that means it's good.
"Okey so (Y/N) is really bad at names and she's not a fan so I guess you all have to say your name again and let us hope she will remember them." JinYoung said, everyone looked at him and then at me.
"Your not a fan? Omg what?"
"I'm sorry, I'm more a SM fan then a JYP fan." I said.

"Well I guess we have to change that then."
"Just say your name now and after we're done with the food we can get to know each other." A guy with brown hair said. "I can start, my name is Mark." I looked at all the guys and they all smiled at me.







"Thank you guys. I'm really sorry I don't know why I am like this with names, it's kinda embarrassing." I said with a week smile.
"Nah we understand, but seriously noona you have to become ur number one fan now." BamBam said with a smile.
"Hah I promise that I will."

I'm sorry for the late update but I just didn't know what to write haha, I just hate when I don't get any ideas. Anyway hope you liked it.
You will kinda get to know the guys a bit in the next chapter.

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