xxviii. big deal

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"That's some handy work there, Mr. Taylors," Gwen smiled as she popped the caps on the beer bottles. She set the opener on the counter before grabbing both bottles by the necks. She wandered back over to the couch where River sat, his legs kicked up on the coffee table and his guitar sat in his lap.

"It took years of practice," he commented and chuckled, resting the guitar against his body as he accepted the body of beer from the blonde. "Thanks," he said, tipping the bottle in her direction before taking a long swig of the golden colored liquid.

"You're welcome," she smiled before settling into a spot against the arm rest. She pressed her lower back into it and brought her legs up onto the couch. "How long have you been playing for?"

"Sixteen years, I think?" He said, a bit unsure of his answer. "I know I got my first guitar when I was six."

"Six? That's pretty young," she commented. "Did you take lessons?"

"Nope, I've always taught myself," he told her and took the beer bottle in the other hand to set it on the side table. "If I wanted to learn something, I just figured out how."

Gwen smiled and took a sip of her drink before pushing herself up onto her knees and crawling closer to him. "I always thought musicians were attractive."

"Please tell me that has nothing to do with your brother," River teasingly chuckled.

"You're ruining a moment," she groaned and plopped back down in her spot. "And Harry is no musician. He wants to produce them, not be one."

"Do you play?" River asked.

"I dabble," she hummed, trying to impress but her small laughter proved that she had lied. "Okay, I don't. Harry tried to get me into it when I was younger but I never picked it up. I'd be willing to give it another try if I had the right teacher."

"Is that so?" River smiled in her direction. "Come here," he said, offering her one hand as he used his free one to hold the guitar by the neck. She slid over to sit between his legs before feeling the chilly wooden base against her torso. "Alright, place your finger here," he took her index finger and rested it on the steel string. "And here," he placed the rest of her fingers where they needed to be to get the right sound. "Now just strum," he told her but Gwen took her free hand and grabbed his, wanting to be wrapped up in his touch.

"You have to show me how," she said quietly, a sneaky smirk crawling on her face.

"You're sneaky, you know that," he laughed and kissed her exposed neck causing her to squirm. "Okay, just like this," he spoke quietly into her hand. She pinched the pick between her fingers as her laced their fingers together and dragged it over the strings.

"You're pretty good at this," she told him with a smile, no longer interested in learning to play. She had become intrigued by River. Gwen had relationships, plenty of them and Harry had always warned her of getting into it with the wrong guys when she had done, time and time before but she never took them seriously. River, only being around her for a few very short days she had already felt more comfortable with him than anyone before. "River?" She asked, swallowing.

"What?" He asked and took the neck of the guitar, setting it on the floor. Gwen took that as the opportunity to turn around and look at him. "What? What's wrong?" He quizzed when he saw the look on her face.

"Do you like me?" She asked. "And I don't mean like you want to screw me, like me. I mean, actually like me. I know you're a player, or at least that's what Indie calls you and maybe that just a joke but could you see a future with me. One day, maybe or you know, it doesn't have to be today it could be a month from now or a year but I need to know."

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