Chapter Seventeen

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      It's been at least three years since the fight. Harley had been moping around, knowing that her lover would soon rescue her from her Hell of a cell.
Harley was hanging on the bars of the cell by her straight jacket, swinging back and forth.

 Harley was hanging on the bars of the cell by her straight jacket, swinging back and forth

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As she swung she saw guards coming her way to bring her dinner. Harley carefully untangled herself from the straight jacket and landed safely on her feet. She walked towards the guards and leaned against the bars.
     "You know the rules hotness, y'gotta keep off'a these bars." Griggs, the guard, spoke. Harley giggled and rubbed herself against the bars even more.
     "Whaddya mean? These bars?" She asked giggling to herself. Griggs sighed and nodded. Harley licked the bars as Griggs looked at her with disgust.
     "Alright, eat up. You have a visitor later today." Griggs said as he slid a tray full of food under a slot that was just the right size to fit the tray under. Harley grabbed the tray and looked at Griggs.
     "I have a visitor? Don't keep a lady waitin' who is it?"Harley asked. Griggs nodded again and shrugged.
     "Surprisingly you do And I dunno who it is. And i have No clue why in the Hell anyone would come and see your sorry ass." Griggs informed, while smirking at the end. As Griggs left Harley stick her toungue out at Griggs. She then ate in silence, thinking about the visitor.


After she ate there were more guards coming in. Behind them was a lady. She had flawless dark skin, beautiful dark Brown hair, and her eyes were cold as stone when she looked at you. The woman walked closer to the cell as the guards parted making room for her to walk. The woman stared Harley down as she got closer to the cell.
     "Are you the devil?"Harley asked, staring back at the woman.
      "Maybe..."The woman replied in a deep voice. When the woman walked over to Harley she looked at her through the cell.
     "My names Amanda Waller, I work for the goverment. I'll tell you sooner why I need you." Amanda spoke in an emotionless voice. Harley raised an eyebrow before Amanda started walking away.
     Amanda then waved her hand motioning the guards to do something as she walked away. She then turned and said "Guards, you know what to do."

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