Chapter 19

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(Ivy in picture above)
Daveed's P.O.V
I walked into my dressing room and put my stuff down there was a knock at the door.
"Come in." Anthony opened the door. Me and him were not really talking.
"Daveed I just came to say sorry about last couple of months. I really am happy for yo guys."
"Thanks man." He turned to leave and then he stopped.
"Jason." He said.
"That's what we were going to name our son. In February, Jaz found out she was pregnant. After a while we lost the baby." he said crying.
"I just didn't want the same for you." He said
"Thanks for looking out for me."
"Your welcome. And don't tell Jaz I told you about Jason. She would kill me." I laughed at him.
"Of course."
"Have you guys named them yet?"
"We have. But if I tell you, you can't tell any one else okay."
"Their names are...…......."
Ivy's P.O.V
I knocked on Leslie's room door.
"Come in." I opened the door.
"Ivy how are you? Come sit." He said ushering me to the couch.
"Leslie um.. I came to ask you a favor."
"Sure what is it?"
"Umm as you know my father, he is.... Um not around, so I was wondering if you would walk me down the isle." He just looked at me.
"Y-you see me as a father figure?" I shook my head yes getting a little chocked up.
"Of course I'll walk you down the isle." He hugged me and I let out a breath of relief.

OK hope you guys liked this chapter because everything will be flipped upside down in the next chapter!!!!

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