She kept screaming and asking how her girls had gotten a hold of it. She even popped the hood, and saw all the enhancements that were done to the car, they had turned it into a race car, with more torque than she needed

The look on Mona's face had both her friends in tears, which in turn made her cry too. She hadn't expected such a nice celebration, but she was glad that her girls went through so much trouble in planning out her birthday celebration

Two days later, they were on Erin's private jet, and heading back to eGoli Johannesburg

As much as Mona wanted to forget about Brian, it was hard to do, and she couldn't understand why, especially now that the guy she kept dreaming of had finally shown his face, and it just so happened to be Brian himself

But, she decided to leave all thoughts of him in Cape Town, thinking that she'd never see him again. Boy was she wrong


Brian on the other hand had been busy setting up crucial meetings with very crucial people in the underground world. He needed his empire to grow to vast quantities, and these meetings would ensure that

He thought of the little pixie that had impacted his life in a very short time, maybe even brought some much needed light into his life, something that his boy Pac had noticed almost everyday. But once he realised that he wasn't going to see his pixie again, he left all thoughts of her on the night they said goodbye

But see, Mona was right, if faith wanted them to meet again, then they shall, and from the looks of things faith was planning on binding the two for quite some time

"You ready?" Pac asked, eyeing Brian who was fixing his tie

"Wat dink my?" He raised an eyebrow sarcastically, not even looking up at his boy. Brian had been slightly nervous about today's meeting. If everything went well, then he'd be a key player in South Africa's underground world
(What do you think?)

"No need to be rude" Pac mugged Brian, which caused Brian to give him the finger

"Ons het nie tyd vir jou kaak'ie. Ons moet seeker maak dat alles gaan as ons geplan het" Brian scolded Pac, scowling in thought
(We don't have time for your shit. We need to make sure that everything goes as planned)

Brian knew how big this meeting is to his empire, and that alone had his mind going insane

"Stop fidgeting" Pac scolded Brian, "Chill, you making me nervous" he wiped his hands on his pants

Brian sneered at Pac, thinking of a couple of ways that he could kill him

"Stop killing me in your head. You know that you can't do shit to me" Pac mumbled

"Ait fool, let's go make this money" Brian stepped away from the mirror he had been checking his reflection on

Pac walked behind Brian, scrolling through IG, while Brian kept messing with his suit jacket, "Stop doing that man...damn!" Pac grumbled, not even looking at Brian

Brian looked over his shoulder at Pac, before looking back at his suit jacket, removing non existent lint off it

They both walked out of the room they had been in, to the elevator, and stepped in once it had opened up to them

Brian had been in Johannesburg for the last month, preparing for the meeting of his lifetime. But this was not the only meeting he would be preparing for in Johannesburg

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