Chapter 36 : Where The Paths Cross

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"So you don't know anything about the group after she left?", Callahan inquired.

"No, we tried to track them down for sometime when Rose was having a hard time adjust with us, I don't know what I was thinking might be to talk to her and somehow make her see reason and stay here for the child at least till the baby can survive on her own. But we could not find any trace of them, it was as if they have vanished into thin air."

"Hmmm.. might they have been building their strength at that time, recruiting training planning..", Jace muttered while lost in thoughts.

A loud knock on the door startled all of us,  whoever interrupted us doesn't wait for any permission to open the door and a warrior from Blood Moon pack walked in.

"Alpha,  a female rogue has entered the territory, she is caught and taken into the grounds. She demands to meet you. ", he said facing Dmitri and me.

"Okay. We will be down there shortly. Meanwhile, do a perimeter check,  scout every inch of the land make sure it's not a decoy or trap.", Dmitri instructed the Alpha.

"Yes, Alpha.  We had a team doing the perimeter check already.", he turned to walk out but hesitated and turned to face us again, "She said it's urgent Alpha,  and also your pack seems to know her already. They might attack her any minute if you don't hurry up we might be able to know what she has to say.  And she smells strongly of Rose flower."

"WHAT? ",  we all shouted at the same time and sprung to action,  we ran downstairs racing each other.

The moment we stepped out of the house we were hit by the disgusting smell of rogue female mixed with the sweet scent of Rose,  it means she has been with Rose and she is one of them,  there is something very familiar about this girl I can't pinpoint what it is. I heard Dmitri gasp beside me and watched him move forward like in a trance towards her.

'is that her? ',  river asked me.
' I don't know. But something about her is very familiar to me', I told her.
'I felt the same way too', she replied sounding confused.

'Shelly.!', I heard my husband whisper his ex-mates name looking at this female rogue, I felt like my nightmare is coming true.  Am I gonna lose my happily ever after again! At least this time I have a gift within me,  something worth living on.

'Where is my daughter rogue? ', I was startled by the roar came from my husband, within a matter of seconds Dmitri is on her his choking her his claws showing its presence which is very rare for a well-controlled wolf, like Tristan.

' You should go to him before Tristan kills Shelly',  Jace said pushing me towards the pair, 'she is here for a reason which we want to know desperately.'

'But I am not his fate mate,  I don't know whether River will be able to calm Tristan in this situation ', I stumbled while he keeps pushing me forward.

' Only you can calm them right now', he said giving me a final push.

Standing next to the struggling pair I placed my hands on Dmitri's shoulder in an attempt to calm him, 'Let her go, Tristan, we need her to learn where our child is.'

'We can find her on our own it will be better if I just kill this filthy wolf right now', he growled out.

'No we can't Tristan, Dmitri's will never forgive you if you kill her now. We need her to lead us to Rose. ', I said trying to reason with the angry wolf,  I felt his breathing calming down to normal and slowly he released the she-wolf.

' Thank...thank you.  Rose... Rosa is safe... ',  she managed to choke out while struggling to breathe.

'Are you another messenger? We are not in a mood to entertain another messenger now. ',  I told her feeling impatient myself, we don't have time for these kinds of dramas,  for all we know this could be a trap.

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