Chapter 8 - Blank.

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Third Person's POV

Calum doesnt know why he is feeling a little happy today, maybe its because its snowing? Or maybe its because he had 4 mugs of hot chocolate. When he woke up, Luke is already out for work and he already cooked breakfast for him. To be honest, Calum felt his heart flutter at the note beside the plate.

"Feeling quite happy today so I made you breakfast, look at the egg, its a perfect circle :-D. Hope you will have a good day, Ill see you later, bye xoxo."

Even though the eggs are slightly burnt, they are delicious and Luke is really working hard on his cooking skills. When Calum first arrived at the house, Luke almost burn the whole house down since he tried to cook for Calum. He doesnt know anything except to boil or heat things in the microwave and stove. Hell he cant even cook hotdogs that arent burnt.

He silently ate his food with a smile.


'How much for a kilo of apple?' Calum asked and the guy looked at him. '2 dollars.' The guy said and Calum whined at the guy. He's currently at the wet market, looking for apples since he's gonna make apple tarts since he's feeling a little happy today.

'aww how bout 1.50?' Calum said and looking up at the guy who's a little tall and buffy, like 27 or something. He looks like he's been forced to sell apples. 'No.' The guy said and Calum pouted. 'But I only have 2 dollars here and i need to buy many foods.' calum said and pouted up at the guy. '1.80' The guy said and Calum sighed. '1.50'





'Alright fine! 1.50.' the guy said and calum did a victory dance in his head. 'youre lucky your cute or i'll be selling those for 3 dollars.' the guy said and if calum blushed just a little, no one needs to know.

He gave the money to the guy and got the apples, thanking him softly.


Luke is feeling happier than usual today, his girlfriend called him and asked him to come over. What calum knows is that he went to work, well he doesn't have time to tell Calum that he's coming over at his girlfriend. Calum won't really make a huge fuss about it, or he will.

He's gonna be a little mother like and will tell Luke that work is more important than her since when he go to work, he can feed himself and things like that.

He softly knocked on the apartment door, waiting patiently for his girl. Soon the door opened revealing Gracie, with teary red eyes. Luke instantly worries as he hugged the girl tightly. 'What's wrong baby? Are you hurt or sick? D-Did I do something wrong or what?' Luke said and without even muttering a single word, Gracie took Luke's wrist and pulled him softly to the couch.

The two sat on the couch silently, Luke grabbing Gracie's hand tightly. The girl sniffed and rub her eyes before swerving her sight directly into Luke's eyes.

Luke got a very intense feeling of sadness and its washing over him. But there's something wrong in this sadness, it doesn't feel right, it doesn't feel real.

'L-Luke I know its been quite a while since the two of us got together. You really made me happy in those past months but, I'm not happy anymore. I suddenly got tired of you and I'm sorry if it came out wrong but that's the only way I know I can say it. Please, I still want us to be friends and I don't want any anger between us. I'm really sorry Luke but I'm letting you go.'

All of the excitement and joy that built up in Luke's body was suddenly washed away by this unidentified feeling.

He suddenly cant feel anything. Its like he's numb on the inside and his voice is nowhere to be found.

'O-Oh.' Is the only thing Luke's voice can muster. And "oh" is sometimes quite the same with "I'm hurt"

'I-I'll talk to you later.' Luke said and ran outside the house to his car. He's mind is blank. He feels nothing but blank.

He suddenly knows what Calum feels every time.


Calum arrived at their house from school and the market around 7 pm. The traffic is very hectic and if there's no traffic, he's should have been on the house around 5-6.

He can hear the distinct sound of TV in Luke's room. He quickly settled his things down on the couch and went up to Luke's room.

He knocked softly and let himself in, surprised to see the boy wrapped up in a blanket, eating a pint of ice cream and watching romantic comedy and there's chips everywhere.


Luke looked up from the TV and rubbed his eyes, as if he's wiping tears. 'Are you alright?'

'I didn't hear you come in. Traffic?'

'Yeah. You didn't answer my question though. What happened?' Calum said and sat down beside Luke, instantly cuddling into him which the boy accepted gladly.

'Its just- Gracie broke up with me and said that she got tired of me.'

And that made Calum so much happy and made him also quite guilty.

'I'm so sorry Lukey. Don't worry, I'll talk to her about it and maybe ask her if she could give you another chance.'

'No need. She doesn't want me? K. Fine.' Luke said and tried to act okay. Calum grabbed the ice cream from Luke's hands and took a small scoop.

'You don't like ice creams.' Calum said.

'They said it'll make me feel better and my problems will go away.'

'Let's say you're okay now and your problems are all gone because of ice cream, but when you take a look at your weight after that, boom, another problem.'

'Whatever.' Luke said and continued watching.

"I have something to tell you."


'I like you Luke. And I know its not the right time for this but, its the only time I can get it out of me. A-Are you willing to give me a chance?' Calum asked nervously.

Luke is still feeling quite blank. And he doesn't have anything to say.

'I'll think about it.'

And all the happiness that built up in Calum's body were washed away.


“is it wrong to take the opportunity for granted, if the opportunity is the only thing that you wanted?”


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