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"Kookie, wake up. It's time for school." Jin said while shaking Jungkook lightly.

"Five more minutes hyung.." Jungkook covered himself with the blanket and turned to the opposite side.

"Sigh.. Wake up Kookie, you're going to be late."

Jungkook groaned and got up from his bed. He didn't want to wake up because he was worn out from yesterday's dance practice. The choreography was new to him, so, he had to practice more to perfect it. He didn't have any energy at all even though he slept for two hours. And the worse thing is, there is dance practice again after school hours. It felt like his trainee day again.

He went to the bathroom to do his morning routine and dressed himself in his long forgotten school uniform. It felt weird when he was wearing his uniform. He stared at himself in the mirror until he was satisfied with his outfit. After that, he went down to have his breakfast. He needed to hurry because who knows? Some of those stalker fans would follow him to school or maybe those antis would do something bad to him.

He took a carton of strawberry milk and a piece of toast that Jin prepared on the kitchen counter for him. After finishing those, he grabbed his bag, charger, phone, earphones and went out. He waited for Jin to get ready because he was the one who will drive him to school today as their manager had a meeting with the CEO early in the morning to discuss about their schedule.

Jungkook took out his phone during the ride. He took a picture of himself and posted it on twitter. A few minutes after he posted the picture, he got a lot of replies and shares. He decided to read some of the comments since he was bored.

"Heol~~ Jungkook oppa~~Handsome as always."

"Good luck in school oppa!"

"Oppa.. be careful. I heard some of the students there are anti-fans~~"

"Yeah.. I heard it too. They were posting from their profile with their faces on it.. Oppa~~Be careful~~"

"Well, they can't do much to me right?" Jungkook thought for a bit then shrugged of the thought of being threatened by on of the anti-fans.

After a few more minutes, they finally reached school. Jungkook bid goodbye Jin. After getting out of the car, he quickly sped off to his locker to grab his books then hurried to class as a group of fans will crowd around him if he stays too long.

He sat down on his place and took out one of his textbooks to read since he wasn't in school for a long time. So, he thought he might do a little catch up. Soon, the class was filled with students. Jungkook tried to pay attention during his lessons but he felt like someone was staring daggers at him the whole time. That made him feel extremely uncomfortable. And being the curious one, he turned to the back. There was a student he didn't know about. He was wearing a mask and a cap which made him look very suspicious. Jungkook looked at the boy for a few more seconds before turning back to his book, trying to ignore the uncomfortable feeling.

The school bell rang, signaling the students that it was already lunchtime. Jungkook waited for the other students to leave before he does. If not, he would have difficulty walking in an abundance of fans. But, there was still a student who didn't leave. Instead, he was staring at Jungkook again.

Jungkook walked towards the suspicious boy. "Um, is there something you need from me?" He asked. The boy, however didn't reply. He continued to stare at Jungkook. "I'm sorry but can you please stop staring at me? Or is there something you need help with?" Jungkook asked again.

Suddenly, the boy moved to Jungkook's ear and whispered. " You better quit what you are doing. Or else, you will DIE!" With that, the boy left the classroom and slammed the door making Jungkook flinch. He was scared. What has he done? He hasn't committed any sin. He didn't even know the boy! Well, at least now, he knows to trust his fans more as they are like spies trying to find out who is trying to threatened them.

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