HIMOH - Prologue

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Heaven In Midst Of Hell


A large Mansion named "Purohits" is decorated lavishly..

A party was going on with full on drinks refreshments and every thing that needed for a luxurious party.... It was having... Mostly youngsters.. In party and business officials...

A man wearing a pair of black Jeans.. White shirt and black tuxedo.. (Blazer)... Enters the party making it look more adorable.. He was hot with white tone skin.. yet cute... With a perfect body and muscles... A perfect example for handsome guy... With every girl wants..

As he was standing at entrance a normal average looking guy comes
-"Hey Sanky here there u are.. Come in man we are business partners and this occasion is specially for both of us man.."

Ovio the hot handsome hunk is Sanskaar.. "The Sanskaar Maheshwari"

"Thanks bro..well party is quite well organised ha?? "

"Well thanks ..great to know u like it.. K come I will introduce to one of my friend"

Sanskaar-"OK Aditya "

He introduce to his friends..

Sanskaar was looking around.. Her sight was caught by a beautiful hot diva of party... She was drinking and enjoying with her friends.. Sanskaar takes a drink

-"Hey Adi I will be back soon "

-"K bro no problem.. Enjoy!! "

He goes to girl..

-Hello beautiful.. My self Sanskaar.. What's ur beautiful name?? " forwarding his hand

The girl smile..

-"My self Swara.. Swara purohit " gives her hand

-"Beautiful name of beautiful lady "

He squeeze her hand while shaking.. She smiled..

He stares her top to bottom.. She was wearing a blue short and white top sleeveless... With hairs open.. Tatoos near her belly..ankle and back... Dark khol..which highlighted her deep black eyes..

-"Well If I compliment u as hot or Sexy u won't mind right "

-"Well no .. But u already did.. Well ur quite hot.."

-"Thanks "

Both laughs...

-"Well drink u are having don't have much effect than of this " - she says this showing the drink in her hand..

-"Well am already feeling drunken seeing u "

She smiles.. -"Well have this.. "

She gives him her glass...Sanskaar takes it by touching her hand and looking in her eyes... With desire...

She smiles as he looks her..

-"Well now this drink will have more effect than any other in this world "
Said he

-"Oh well how?? " she smiled

-"cz u were drinking this na?? "

Both shared a desired eye lock...

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To be continued..

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