Chapter ten

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We entered the elevator, I was so happy to go out.

"Turn around " he said.

"what?" I said disappointed.

He rolled his eyes "Are you deaf ? Turn around I need to tap the unlock code to use the elevator"

"Okay! okay! " I turned around and let him do his code.

After few seconds he smacked my ass, I turned around brutally and faced his smiling face.


Cute Jerk...

no! Camilla Jerk only Jerk.

"Stop being so childish Mr.Albrizzi " I said with a fake smile and turned a little bit to face the elevator's doors . He didn't answer .

When the doors opened he whispered in my ear " Follow me and don't open this mouth of yours until I tell you to "

He put his hand on my lower back and we entered a big living room.

There were few men wearing all black. When we passed in front of them they were looking at me in a strange way, in a disrespectful way, not like my father's men . I walked more and more close of Tino because I wasn't feeling comfortable. I assume he understood and whispered in my ear " Don't worry, you are in security with me ". We walked past a few more rooms in silent, his hand still on my lower back. We took an another elevator and went to a parking. There were tones of brand new cars.

"Why do you need that much cars?" I asked

"None of your business" He said coldly removing his hand of my lower back.

Mr.Bipolar was back and I hate this man.

He took keys out of his pocket and unlocked a Black Audi Q7. He opened the door for me, what a nice attention and then he went to the driver seat.

"Put your seat belt " he said

"I thought I was in security with you" I said in a playful way to make Mr Bipolar leave, but bad idea.

"Can you please shut the fuck up ! You are pissing me off " he said in an angry tone while starting the car .

"Why are you so mean with me" I said annoyed.

"Do I look like a kind man stupido ? "

"I think you act like a mean person but inside you are kind"

"Are you serious ? You think I'm nice?" he said pissed off .

"Yes " why did I said that.

He started laughing, a dark laugh, oh god...

"So it's that ... you don't know how far I can go. You think I'm a nice "guy" . I have to go somewhere , you are gonna understand who I am."

He started driving, fast but it was okay. We went out of his propriety and there he started driving faster and faster.

"WHAT THE FUCK SLOW DOWN! " I screamed . He didn't answer and sped up .

"YOU ARE GONNA KILL US !" he didn't slow down.

He was dodging loads of cars.

Every time we were at 2 inch to have a serious car accident. I though I was gonna die... I put my head in my hands not wanting to see this anymore.

15 minutes later he stopped the car, I looked up.

We were in an empty parking in front of a warehouse.

I turned my head to look at him but he was already looking at me.

"First, I'm not scared of death "

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