Hospitals and Surprises. Part 39

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"Why? Because we're so use to looking for threats and have to check everyone out that we see to make sure they aren't the ones that the threat is coming from? Honey, this is normal for us since we have been doing it for so long." He said as he ran his fingers through my hair to rub the nape of my neck making me feel shivers of delight that made my spine all tingly.

We sat there for a little bit, also pulling out phones and talking to the kids back home along with Perseus and Nina to see that everyone was absolutely alright and we shouldn't be worried.

It was nice being able to talk to them, but I still missed them and we took any opportunity to call home to hear their beautiful voices.

Making our way back up to our daughters room fifteen minutes later after having a very brief walk around the hospitals gardens, we entered her room to hear her being excited again.

"Les is awake again and looks to be staying awake too. I snuck a look and saw her giving Zeke a good telling off and he took it oo. I think we'll have him trianed right quickly mumma." She was saying with a smile on her face which also had a smile on mine too.

I don't think much would ever keep her down. She is such a bundle of joy with the way she bounces around like she does. Especially right now. It doesn't help me either when she has her daddy wrapped around her thumb too.

But I don't mind when I know that Knox does love the kids. All of them. He really does.

I was still just very sad that he didn't want anything to do with them while he was married to that wife he took. I reckon that if she was still alive, my children would never have known their father. He chose to please his wife and not his children.

That was the sore point I have. That and the fact that he has never once introduced me to anyone that he knows as someone who is special to him. Not like I have seen Perseus do with Nina.

Or when Merv did it with Judy.

I'm just "Neena and our kids" is how I am introduced as.

And he wonders why I won't marry him.

He only does want to marry me for all the wrong reasons and not for the most obvious one. Maybe one day he will understand why I keep saying no to him.

Anyway, Knox left us for a few minutes to go check on Les, leaving me and Sasha alone to talk again about that nice young guard who has been out in the hallway standing guard at Les's door.

But after a short time alone, a nurse came in and checked my baby out and said the doctor will be here in a moment.

But before he arrived, the noise sounds of rushing feet which was familiar were getting closer and closer and sure enough, the sounds were really loud when the door opened and the rest of our babies came in. Matthew, Danny and Ryan being noticibly absent.

How on earth did they get here? We were just talking to them at home not even an hour ago.

Then I realised.. mobile phones are not landlines. When Knox and I rang them, we rang the mobiles since we assummed the kids would have been outside about the place.

But they tricked us. They were nearly here instead.

"Hello my babies. I have missed you." I said as I snuggled their little bodies. Tracie, Kevin and Aleese.

"They were missing you two terribly and sooked too much. So we thought to bring them up to you." Nina was saying with a laugh at the surprised look on my face.

"Thankyou. But we will be going home tomorrow since sasha is being released now that Les is fully awake and aware of everything mow." I was saying to her as the kids clammered for a cuddle.

Then they started chatting to me about all the things that was happening back home. All at the same time.

Nina who was standing behind them looking a lot more healthier than when I first met her was smiling as she looked at the kids with an indulgent smile.

Perseus had gone next door when Sasha told him that her dad was there with Les.

A few minutes later, Knox was back giving the kids the coddling they demanded from their daddy.

Then the doctor came in and said it was fine to take Sasha home the next say, as if we didn't know.

"But I expect you to take care too Mrs Collins. I'll email the results of your pregnancy along to your local doctor for following up. Apart from that, all is okay with this family." He said with a smile, a wave and a goodbye then left as quick as he came.

After he left, there was nothing but silence in the room with the little kids looking at all the adults, Nina's smile grew bigger. Perseus whistled as he had slipped in behind the doctor and Sasha started giggling.

"Daddy. Did you knock Mumma up again?" Young Kevin asked his father.

Which had Perseus and Nina burst out in laughter, Knox going red in the face and Sasha then full out laughing.

I just stood there and watched them all.

This was my family. And I loved them all too.

We spent that evening quietly together with Knox passing over care and guard duty of Les to Perseus so that he could come home with us and the kids.

So getting up bright and early the next morning, we got the kids ready for the last visit to the hospital and after getting all of Sasha's things together, we all went next door to have a last chat with Les before heading off home.

Knox has already been in there sorting out details of some kind, not just with Perseus, but also with Zeke too. And we soon joined them as well.

The kids were very excited when they bounced into her room. The first thing they talked about was that I was having another baby.

Les just smirked at me. She knows that it is usually me that does the seducing in our family. But I can't help it. Kknox has a gorgeous body damn it. He really does.

"The walking baby making 'machine' struck again" I heard Lesley mutter in a low voice which had Knox burst out in laughter. Then it was Les who was sporting a red embarrassed face.

Anyway, several hours later, we were pulling up out the front of the lovely home that Lesley gave us to live in and I was so glad to be home.

It was a few days later that I finally blew up at Knox.

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