Hospitals and Surprises. Part 39

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PurleHelven. You're a surprise with how fast you are reading this story. I must be doing something right if it has kept your interest this long. Thankyou for reading.

5th October 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Neena's POV...

Well! It has certainly been exciting since being here I think.

Zeke get's another arse whooping from me. Which I have thoroughly enjoyed giving him. Sasha refuses to leave until Lesley is up and about. She also has a crush now on one of the damn guards that Kingsley sent down, which annoys Knox no end.

And the biggest bit of excitement was Knox now knows that I am definitely pregnant which has Sasha laughing her head off everytime she sees us.

Aleesa, our youngest, is three years old going on four very shortly and Knox thought we wouldn't be having anymore kids despite his efforts to impregnate me at every chance he gets.

"Well guess what Knox. I'm pregnant again." I snapped at him when he made some smart remark to me about something I can't even remember.

To see him stagger against the wall as he tripped on his foot along with that dazed look he usually gets was very satisfying for me.

But then Knox being Knox, he quickly got this smirk growing on his face as he starightened up and puffed out his chest. Very proud of himself I can see. Didn't take any time at all, now did it?

"Eight kids Knox. That is E.I.G.H.T. Eight kids. Don't you have enough?" I growled at him as I brushed passed the smirking loon jabbing an elbow to his solar plexis as I passed him feeling satisfied with the grunt he gave as I then walked down to the cafeteria for a cuppa tea since coffee was no off the menu.

He quickly followed me, grabbing me by the hand the moment he caught up to me and smiled down at me. He was still a loon.

"Damn fool." I muttered to him.

"But I am forever, your damn fool." He leaned down to say as he kissed the top of my head.

I just humphed at him as I stepped into the private elevator pressing the button for the main foyer floor. With him still attached.

I can feel a fight building up within me over everything that has happened since we met and I know it won't be long before he begins to catch hold of it. But I want to be at home when that happens. Back with the other kids.

I miss them and feel like I have been away from them too long as it is. Even if it has only been a week, sort of. And for horrifying reasons too.

Anyway, we got our cuppa and made our way outside to sit on a chair under one of the scattered trees, watching all the movement around us.

I have to say that I could never get use to being around so many strange people without checking constantly to make sure that there were no threats around.

I noticed Knox take a sip of his cuppa as he sat on the bench beside me with an arm resting along the back of the bench behind me with his fingers gently running through my hair which was falling down over his arm.

Sitting there with one ankle crossed over his other thigh, I could see that he too was alert to any threat that might come our way and was fully prepared to meet it head on like the soldier he always is.

Once a soldier, always a soldier.

"We're both bloody pitiful." I said to him as I took a sip from the takeaway cup in my hand.

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