Dearest Diary

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Dear Diary,

I dont really know how to work one of these things.....This is my first one ever, and im 13. Crazy, right? Well, i guess maybe, since this IS the first entrance, i should tell u about myself.

My name is Linzy Sacktura, i have longish plain brown hair thats really lank and thin, and blue eyes. I dont know, im guess im medium height? Well, yeah. Thats basically it. Oh! My style. I guess i could tell you about that, right? Well, usually its a t-shirt and jeans. My socks usually have holes in them, and are stained brownish by how much i DON'T change them. It's not my fault, my family is just poor. Rally poor. Literally, im sharing a room with my little brother Jacky. My BROTHER! Ugh, my life can suck sometimes. We take turns changing in the bathroom. Me at night, him in the mornings.

Okay, well, i feel like im boring the crap out of you, and anyways, mom is sick so i have to help her out-BORING. Id hang with my friend if her father would allow her out of the house for once after school. So i guess good bye? Do you say good bye to diarys? All well. BYE!

Linzy Sacktura

Dear Diary

Today is Sunday. I figured maybe i should tell you that....... Anyways, mom is still sick. How long will this cold last? Its almost been a week now. She says shes going to try to go to work tomorrow though, because we need the money really badly. Anyways, i have to make dinner, and theres like, nothing to talk about, so i guess good bye!

Linzy Sacktura

Dear Diary-Monday, May 5

Look! I put the date! Haha! Now you'll know when i talk to you. Anyways, one week until my birthday!!! And guess what im hoping for? A laptop! I want so desperately bad. But mom and dad says i probably wont get it because were so badly in debt. All well....I just wish we had it better, you know? I guess i should be more positive.

Mom isnt getting any better, and she didnt go to work today. She can barely even stand! It scares me. Were going to the doctor in a day or two, so maybe he can give her something to help her feel better.

School was kind of boring today.Nobody ever does things on the weekend-at least, no one anybody in my group. We, you could say, are the Outcasts. Or the Invisibles. Nobody bothers with our group. Hmmm lets see who are my friends?

Ally: quiet, shy, and doesnt speak unless spoken to, and usually she just tries to shrug or nod her head yes or no

Claira: shes the funny one. shes also failing all of her classes

Nika: shes chinese and is the 'brain' she also is like ally

Annie: shes the quickly excited one i guess, or 'exuberant' <- did i spell that right diary?

Ya, those are like my only friends. But there true, and loyal. There great with secrets. Out of them all, im closest to Ally. But i have no BFF or anything. Dad is making me cook dinner tonight. I dont know what m going to make-all we hve is a jar of pickles, and cheese.

Linzy Sacktura

Dear Diary-Tuesday May 6

Okay, so we dont have that LITTLE of food in our fridge.....I overexagerated a little....Im sorry. We also have stale bread (who knows why thats in there), butter, and old hard crusty taco bell soft burritos. And i think i saw a few roaches, but i doubt those would taste very good in a soup.

So my mom and dad were watching Hoarders on the T.V., and i came in just as the girl-Wilma, was telling her psychiatrist person how much she hated her kids in FRONT OF THEM. I mean, the oldest of her sons (i think) was even in tears. My dad and mom almost immediately said how much they loved me. I was hardly paying attention-I felt so horrible for them! Even though i wasnt them or didnt even know them. And her house was HIDEOUS! I didnt see the end of it, but i hope it was demolished.