New World Order

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Honestly, I am surprised I haven't done this one yet. The New World Order goes hand in hand with the Illuminati and Disney conspiracy I wrote about.

The popular conspiracy is that the New World Order is a "secretive elite power"  in which has a global agenda that will eventually lead to them ruling the world with a secret government. Who's "Them"? The illuminati.

Before the 1990s, New World Order was limited to two American Countercultures, mainly militant anti-government right, and fundamental Christianity.  Basically they want to create history in which they rule everything and everyone and all forms of government is run by the New World Order. They say the world will become genuinely peaceful in their hands, and will be no more wars, hunger, poverty, etc.

I really can't add much more because it has to do with religion and I can't talk about that, it is a touchy subject and can be offensive to others. So that is where I am going to end. You guys already probably have a good idea about the illuminati, so I really don't need to continue. Tell me your thoughts about this.

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