Me Life-Saver?

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We were in the car together, so we just started kissing an touching, so it got deeper an deeper, i told her to stop, she said she loves me, and i said i am player i don't wona break yo heart and she said she's bitch also, she loves the way am kissing an touching her.

We stripped off, we were both naked, her body was beautiful, spotless,complimented by her scientific curves, the foreplay was so passionate to extent that u'll say we are both demon possesd.

Mistakingly she called her boyfriend's name, i freezed for seconds, and i said " Stop! Stop! and she said Nathi pls don't Stop, i said i don't have protection with me here, she said its fine, u'll do it in my Mouth. It was just crazy Crazeeee.

When Mr protection arrived, i saw the invisible(impossible). I . . saw the God-sex. Wow. Hmmm. Alone in the park at Midnight, the stars, the moon witnessing our sex-making. i can't call it love-making. She said nathi Harder Harder pls. Ha ha ha ha ha, Geez it was dirty. Wow Dirty-Sex. I didn't care abt her feelings it was just a heartless-sex. the whole park was full with the sex-smell all over

Next morning couldn't walk straight, when they ask i just say i had i crazy exercise in the morning.

The Boyfriend found out he came, he pushed me, pushed nearly slapped me, i ran away, three 3 weeks later coincidental we meet at the chilling session. I am alone he's with his crew, very tall gentlemans, am starting to shake, in my mind i say fuck. They see me, they approach me, they walking with that range, the anger, i was just smelling a fight these night.

He says to me " u mother-fucker u saved my life " what are u drinking tonight ? I said Red wine is doing my night ? And he said its on me. He said u saved my i didn't know how to break-up with her. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha it was my fuckin great night,

In the mean-time we still meet in the Park, entertaining the park.

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