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<To Sam>: Where are you now?

<From Sam>: Missing me already? I’m just around.

She smiled upon receiving his reply. Tingnan mo tong lalaking to, ang ayos-ayos ng tanong ko eh.

<To Sam>: Sira! Hoy Mister! I’m asking you properly. Really, where are you now? :)

<From Sam>: Look behind you, Princess. :)

She quickly turned around and there she saw him with his dashing smile and good looks. She smiled at him and felt her heart beats a bit faster.

She can’t remember when the change happened, but it definitely strucked her from behind. She thought that it would take a longer time for her to fully recover and open her heart again. But she was proven wrong when one day, she felt as if she is looking forward to the good days to come, unlike before when she almost dreaded each new day. Now, all she feels is like everything is new, like she was born again. She was pulled out of her thoughts when she felt him kiss her lightly on her cheek.

“Hey. You okay? Why the pensive look?” He heard him asked her.

“Ha? Oo naman. Wala yun. May naalala lang ako bigla.”

“Mind to share? Ikaw naman, andito na nga ako sa harap mo, namimiss mo pa rin ako.” And gave her a sweet smile.

“Tse! Ang feeler ha!” She quickly slapped him softly on his arm and rolled her eyes at him.

“Ikaw naman, Princess. Di ka na mabiro. Ang lalim kasi ng iniisip mo eh. By the way, I have something for you.” He gave her the bouquet of white tulips and sat beside her. They are seating on a bench in her backyard slash garden. Sarah saw the box of chocolates that he is still holding.

“Thank you. Eh iyan?” Motioning towards the chocolates.

“Ah these? These are not for you, Princess.”

“Eh kanino yan?”

“Kina Tita and sa mga kapatid mo.”

“Ay ganun? Wala ako…” She pouted her lips and gave him her best puppy look.

“Hahaha. You know you’re cute when you do that, but the answer is still no. You know it’s not good for your throat.” He said, grinning widely at her.

She pouted further and let out a small sigh. She turned her head away from him, fighting the small tug of sadness that she’s feeling. Nagki-crave pa naman ako sa chocolates ngayon. Waaah!

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