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I can't believe we have to do this. It's so stupid. I can care less about the others. I don't have a hard time with them. I have a hard time with Adam. He's a jerk.

A huge jerk. I see Ross getting bullied by Adams friend. I walk to him. "Tyler. Get away from him. Ok"I said. He let Ross go. "Then I beat you"he said. I smiled. "Go for it"I said. He tried to punch me but I ducked. Then I punched him.

"What the heck"I heard Adam yell. "What he was messing with Ross"I said. "What. I was telling the kid where the bathroom was. Jerk"Tyler said. Adam looked at me.

"What's your problem "Adam said. "A lot of things"I said. It went quiet. I then left as fast as I can. I ran to the bathroom and took a deep breath. I heard crying. "Hello"I said. "Go away"the voice said. "Why. "I asked.

"I want to be alone"he said. I smiled. "Same"I said. "Want to be alone together "I asked. Then Ross came out of the stale. I smiled.

"Was that so hard"I asked. He shook his head. "Why are you nice to me "he asked. "Your nicer then Adam. "I said.

"You don't like him"he asked.


But I do feel something else for him.

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