I go to the clearing and I see a soccer ball in the center of the clearing. I walk over to it and it has the words like it and an arrow. I kick it to where the arrow points.

I walk to wear I kicked the ball and find a small bottle with a pink bow

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I walk to wear I kicked the ball and find a small bottle with a pink bow. I pick it up and shake it on my palm to get the paper inside.
      In the tree infront with the bow on a branch you'll find your presents. Happy birthday Camila.

I walk to the tree and behind it there are so many stuff. I pick up the big one and see that it's a basket of different lotions, bathbomds, shampoos and more. Another is a box of chocolates and cupcakes. The last one I almost missed.

I pick up a small bag. Inside there is a little box like the one that Kevin gave me earlier. I pull it out and open it.

There is nothing and I'm confused.

"Happy birthday Camila." I look up and Jonathan is standing infront of me holding a necklace. "For you." I look at it and is a soccer ball with my name engraved on it.

"It's super pretty. Thank you." I reply looking at it in aw.
"Turn around." Jonathan tells me and I turn around. The necklace comes in my view and then it touches my collarbone.

"Why did you get me all this?" I ask him motioning at my feet.
"I didn't know what to get you. I couldn't decide so I got it all." Jonathan says.
"Well all you had to give me was the necklace or the candies. That's it." I reply.

"I'm not taking it back." Jonathan says crossing his arms infront of him.
"Oh, your not getting anything back. Unless you want a cupcake and a candy." I sit down and open the box of chocolates and give him a few.

"So have you heard from Marco?" I ask him. He thinks about it before answering. I think he was lying to me.
"No, I thought if either of us would find out about him would be you."

"Well I wouldn't be asking you if I did. How did you get here?" I ask him. "I saw your car at your house."
"Oh, I walked. It's far though." I tell him.
"Well." He shrugs.

I lay back and look at the sky that was once light blue and know is like a dark purple. It's peaceful here, and I like Jonathan's  presence beside me.

"Camila, if you are dating someone but like someone else. What would you do?" Jonathan asks me out of no where.
"I don't know. I guess everyone does something different. Some break up with the person the are with to go after the other. I stayed with Carlos even though I didn't like him but liked someone else. I didn't break up with him until I had a good reason too."

"Some cheat on the one their with and make the person the like their lover. There are different possibilities. Why?" I answer wounder in why he is asking me.
"I know you don't like Marco. I have a guess on who yo really like but I'm going to jeep that to myself until I'm 100% sure about it." Jonathan says above me now blocking the sky.

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