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Fiona P.O.V

So here we are in nandos and I have to sit next to Harry again !!! It's not that I don't want to. I just don't want it t be so obvious. I do like him but I really dont know if he likes me!! Arrrggg!! We sat there and waited for our orders.

'So tell us a bit about yourselves girls!' Louis nodded at me first.

'Um, Im English...' They laughed. 'I dont know what you want me to say?'

'Like what you like and all? Shall we do question and answer?' Harry smiled.

'Okay, fire round, Fiona, favourite colour?' Louis questioned.

'Orange or Red!'

'Favourite animal?'


'Birthday month?'


'Favourite food?'


'Wow, did you answer those or did Harry answer them?' I laughed.


'You and Harry are like twins!' He giggled. Harry and I blushed redder than red.

Everyone started laughing.

'Taylor what about you?'

'Fave colour is red, fave animal is dog, birthday is September, food is..um.. anything thats edible!' She smiled.

'Close enough with the colour thing Zayn!' Liam nudged him and Zayn playfully punched him in the arm.

They questioned Ali and then we questioned the boys. We spent ages talking and laughing and by the time out orders had come we had got really comfortable with eachother.


Taylor P.O.V.

We finished our food and decided to go bowling. We went to the Bowlex near Nandos, we had to wait a while. We put on our shoes and typed out names into the machine.

I started and got a srike. Everybody cheered.

'Your good!' Zayn complimented.

'Better than you!' I winked.

'Oh it's on!' He said going out and striking.

The competition lasted until the end between Zayn and Me, we got really competetive!


Zayn P.O.V.

Wow, shes amazing! I would love to spend more time and get to know her, but it was soon getting late and the girls had to go. I peered over to Harry who kissing Fiona. They hadnt known eachother long..but yet I havnt known Taylor long and I desperatly wanted to kiss her! She walked over to me after changing her shoes.

'I told you I would win!' She boasted. She was so cute when she boasted!

'Ha, yep, I let you win..'

'Yeah of course!' She denied. I looked into her eyes. They were bright blue and sparkly. She leant onto her tiptoes and kissed me. There were fireworks inside me, my heart was throbbing. I had never had a kiss like this before, it was perfect! She was perfect!

'Im sorry!' She said leaning back.

'Dont be!' I replied. She smiled and walked away. She got into Ali's mum's car and they drove off.



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