Bad Boy Vibes

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“You’re going to end up going to prison again you do know that right?” I whisper shouted as yet again Evan pulled me behind him snapping another picture of the couple. 

“Does it look like I care nerd? You have no clue why I went to jail so shut it.” He snapped facing me, “Besides let’s see if they can catch this.” He pointed towards his body. I shook my head, disgusted.

Egotistical ass.

I was now thoroughly convinced Evan Winters was either living off crack or had a long term wish to stay locked up in jail for five years. Rather this or he was scared of something or someone and I, Kayla Burns was going to break this out of him.

 Let me give you the 411: I am not one of those girls who spends days looking in the mirror before school, nor do I dress to impress. I don’t miss class or get in trouble, hell have I ever had a drop of alcohol unless you count the sip I took from my aunts glass 3 years ago.  

  So could someone please tell me why I am living next door to the most dangerous, egoistical jerk; why god forcibly made me be his lab partner and how my mother ‘kindly’ offered to take the runt in while his parents were away?

  Add this to the fact that he was in jail less than a week ago.

Yeah, this guy has some serious bad boy vibes.

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