Chapter 6

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Harry's POV

"Harry.. Haz!" I wake up to a loud voice in my ear. I open my eyes to meet a pair of blue eyes staring at me.

"Hi." I whisper while Louis is looking intensely at me. He smiles lightly before lightly kissing my forehead. "Good Morning breakfast is ready." I really wanted morning kisses but morning breath does exist. "If you wanna brush your teeth I have an extra toothbrush in my bathroom."
he says like he could read my mind.

"Here." he comes out of the bathroom handing me a light pink toothbrush making me giggle "Why do you have a pink toothbrush?" he rolls his eyes "My sisters chose them." he says as I walk into the bathroom.

"Sure they did." I tease him and he laughs "Shut up Harold and brush your teeth." I smile at him before brushing my teeth as Louis watches me through the mirror biting his lip, and there is no way he's thinking I look good right now.

Toothpaste dribbles down my chin almost landing on my t-shirt well Louis's t-shirt but it's mine now. I quickly finish up drying my mouth and chin before Louis practically attacks me.

He grabs my wrist turning me around before roughly pushing me into the cream colored wall and instantly pressing his soft thin lips to mine.

Our lips move in sync Louis nips at my bottom lip making pleasure run all through me. I could feel him pressing against my thigh. He tastes like yorkshire tea.

"What a Morning." I say as he smiles against my lips "It can be." He says as he squeezes my bum making my dick twitch and he pushes me against him. "Wanna taste you." I whisper in his ear.

"Yeah baby wanna fuck your mouth,  do you want that?" He nibbles on my ear making me moan loudly.

"Oh god yes please daddy." I bat my  eyelashes at him and drop to my knees. I realize we're still in the bathroom as my knees hit the tiles. I start unzipping his pants going slow and making sure I rub against his hard cock every chance I get. "Oh god are you being a tease?" He growls and I look up at him innocently "Don't know what you mean."

His eyes get so much darker and he pulls down his pants and boxers at the same time. I wrap my hands around him, pre cum already leaking from his slit I pump a few times and he moans as I finally take him inside my mouth.

"Hands behind your back." He demands and I do throwing my shirt off first. "Gonna fuck your mouth so good." He says and I love when he gets really dominant. He starts thrusting into my mouth I can feel him hit my throat a few times but his moaning is too distracting. "Mmh such a good boy taking me in your mouth like this." Love when he talks to me likes this making my cock ache for a touch.

"Should see how pretty you look baby those pretty pink lips of yours wrapped around me." He moans loudly and he starts thrusting faster and I'm almost about to cum untouched just by his words. "Oh god baby I'm close.. you're just so good at making daddy feel good." I moan and surely he felt the vibrations. My cock is still aching for some touch any kind of touch. "Can I take off my boxers please?" I press my hand to his stomach and pull off before asking him. He nods almost immediately and watches me strip down. "Such a pretty princess." He whispers in my ear as he wraps his arm around my waist.

"Cum untouched with me baby you can do it I know you like it when I talk to you this way you like being my dirty little princess." He says before he's back to fucking my mouth I moan again loving the new pet name and I feel the pressure building up and he starts to twist my nipples while he's still thrusting in my mouth. The pressure is there and I'm about to cum. "Baby o- I'm gonna cum" he says before moaning loudly and cumming straight down my throat. I cum a few seconds after all over my thighs and stomach.

He pulls out of my mouth and my jaw aches and my throat feels so raw and sore but I love the taste on my tongue. He looks down at my thighs covered in cum and he practically is hard again.

"Wanna clean you up." He licks his lips and he grabs a wet rag before he gets on his knees and kisses me hard and passionately and then goes straight to my thighs and stars licking some of the cum of them. "Love Love your thighs." he mumbles "Wanna mark you mine" he whispers before he starts leaving love bites all over my thighs making me a moaning mess.

He makes two visible and big love bites before he cleans me up. "Cmon baby let's get breakfast." He kisses my forehead and my he's so beautiful, so beautiful.
"Harry this is delicious!" Louis praised me; Louis and I were having breakfast made by me.

"Thanks Lou." I say while smiling big we kinda just stare at eachother for a moment before we eat in silence a peaceful silence. We're probably still in our orgasm haze because I feel all giddy and Louis is still grinning.

Louis breaks it by saying "Harry you're so beautiful." with this glint in his eyes and a small smile on his face I don't think he meant to say that out loud but he's grinning at me blushing. My face is heating up I somehow feel insecure now and cover my face with both hands giggling.

"Baby don't cover your face." Louis says coming near me he grabs both my hands and removes them he stares at me for a few second we're both caught up in our own little world. His beautiful ocean blue eyes are so addictive, his little button nose, his thin lips that are so kissable, and his messy fringe he's just perfect.

I don't think I've been so intrigued by someone like I am with Louis he's just so charming, funny, sassy and beautiful. Nick can't even compare I've never felt this, the way I do with Louis. I wish I could leave Nick if only it were that simple.

Louis is still staring at me standing in between my legs probably in his own thoughts too. "Kiss me you fool." I say and he smiles pressing his lips to mine and it feels different not like our lust filled kissing.

It feels like much more like this kiss means so much almost like we're confessing how we feel and it lasts for almost two minutes. He pulls away resting his forehead against mine smiling like a fool and rubs our noses together.

I swear that in that moment I felt like maybe I'm growing intense feelings for Louis. Maybe getting rid of Nick can be simple.

We're both just smiling at eachother probably looking like dorks till my ringtone gives off Nicks ringtone.

Louis's face falls and the little sparkle in his eye disappears and is replaced with disappointment.

My hand trembles as I answer Nick, I hope he hasn't done anything stupid.

Welp there's that I think I'm gonna end up giving up on this book :(

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