Thug love PrincexRoc

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Roc pov

Nigga where the fuck is my money at??

??: I don't have it

Me: what the fuck you mean you don't have it

??: I don't have it on me right now I promise I have soon

Me: you said that the last time

??: I know I been going through a lot with my baby mom's

Me: well that's not my problem but since you got a family you got three weeks to give me my money but after that your dead

??: thanks so much

Me: yea what ever get out

??: leaves

Another day of niggas that don't got my money I know what your thinking why did you give him three weeks well because he got a family and all but after that he dead. Wait how rude of my let me introduce myself my name is Roc and I'm the baddest drug dealer in south central L.A but I don't run this shit all by my self I got my sexy ass boy husband  yea bitch I'm gay got a problem go fuck your self anyway we been together for 4 years  and he been their for me since  day one I love him with all my heart.

??: babe

I turn to my office door way to see my 3 months pregnant husband he look so cute with his little baby bump awe I love him

Me: yes babe

Prince: what was all the noise about

Me: all nothing babe so nigga didn't have my money and I gave him 3 weeks

Price: oh ok well dinner is ready come eat before the food gets cool

 Me: ok babe I'm coming I close up my office and walk upstairs into the kitchen

When I walk in I saw Jacob stirring something in the pot I walk behind him and wrap my arms around him and rub his stomach and kiss his neck and sat m chin on his shoulders.

Me: what you cooking

Prince: beef stew and white rice

Me: mmm sounds go

Prince: I know no go and set the table

I went and sat the table for two soon Jacob brought the pot of food we said grace and ate and chat about radom things we finish eating and put the left overs for tomorrow we sat on the couch and watch a movie well watching the movie prince started moving around

Me: babe what's wrong

Prince: the baby is kicking come feel

I put my hand on Jacob stomach and I felt a little kick I look at prince and said that's our little baby in their he giggle and cuddle with me for the rest of night. He will always be my queen

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