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🐾Kaden's POV🐾 

I watched as Tristan rubbed Sky's belly for the hundredth time, his Emerald eyes, staring in Awe at his mother. 

"So this is my baby sister?" he asked in his cute little baby voice

Sky laughed and kissed his nose "Yes baby boy. This is going to be your baby sister" 

He just stared at her and touched her tummy again. 

I laughed when he squealed at the little kick my daughter gave him. 

"Now you're going to have to act like a big boy now" I told him after my laughter subsided "Your sister is going to need someone to protect her" 

"A big boy Daddy?" he stared at me "I don't think I'm ready" 

I chuckled and grabbed him off his mothers lap to deposit him on my lap "Your a Matthews Son" I said in a serious voice "And Matthews Men always protect their Women" 

Sky rolled her eyes "You're making my son into a savage" 

I chuckled "I'm making him strong" 

"No" she glared "You're making him like you. Isn't it bad enough that he looks like you? Now you want him to act like you too?" 

I frowned "What is that supposed to mean?" 

"It means..." she emphasized "That I want my child to have a normal childhood. Don't try to give him Alpha responsibilities before his time" 

My glare softened "No Baby, that's not what I'm trying to do" I said before pulling her to me. She resisted at first but then eventually gave in and put her head on my chest. 

Tristan mimicked his mother 

"I am sorry if I offended you in any way Skylar, that wasn't my intention" I said softly and she nodded in response "I just wanted Tristan to understand his role as a big brother" 

"It didn't sound that way to me" she mumbled 

"I know" I said softly "Its just..." I trailed off 

"What?" she said before pulling away from me "What's wrong?"

I sighed "I know that you want to give the kids a normal childhood, like the one you had, but I don't think it's possible" 

"And why not?" she said defensively "Why can't we give my children  normal childhoods?"

"Because baby, they're not normal" I said softly "They're the children of an Alpha. They're bound to have some abnormalities"  

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