"Cupcake i'm just going to be straight with you."

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School finished at bang on 3:00pm giving Elena, Bonnie and Caroline time to drive to the grill and gossip about the day’s events. The blonde, bubbly girl spoke of her time sat next to Elena’s ex-boyfriend Matt whom she described as ‘sex on legs’ though both Bonnie and Elena knew that despite the reputation Caroline has, she has never actually gone all the way with a guy. Elena didn’t feel a shred of anger towards Caroline her and Matt had ended on good terms so it’s not like Caroline was trying to snatch a boy she liked from under her nose. Bonnie talked about how the mysterious Stefan couldn’t keep his eyes off of Elena and how he kept asking Bonnie about her.

While both girls kept chatting about boys Elena couldn’t help but wonder about Katherine. How even though she denied they looked anything alike, she could actually see some similarities. Katherine’s long, curly chocolate coloured hair was almost an exact replica of Elena’s straight chocolaty hair. As Elena thought about the new, strange girl she couldn’t help playing with her hair and twirling it around her fingers. An image of Katherine’s big, brown eyes appeared in her head reminding Elena her own doe eyes. The only difference being when she looked In to Katherine’s eyes she got a chill, a chill that made her feel alive yet at the same time it made her slightly scared.

Elena was snapped out of her daydream by an excited Bonnie who was shaking her shoulders screaming about the new girl. The frantic shaking made Elena dizzy and aggravated, instantly she turned to Bonnie and pushed her arms away.

“Lena that new girl was talking about you before!” the small dark skinned girl had never looked so happy and excited. A smile grew on Elena’s face, what could Katherine had been speaking about her for?

“What? Why? What did she say?” She tried to sound uninterested but it failed and she found herself blushing and making quiet squealing noises.

“She just said that you were much prettier than she expected which kinda freaked me out. Oh! And she said that she wouldn’t mind getting to know you!” Elena’s mouth formed an ‘O’ shape and confusion swept over her. Did she already know Katherine? Why had Katherine expected a much uglier girl? These questions circled in Elena’s mind making her uneasy.

(1 Hour Later)

Loud banging noises came from the upstairs of the Gilbert house. Elena opened the front door and was greeted by a shouting Jenna who was complaining about the lack of cleanliness in her nephews bedroom. Elena chose to ignore her and head to her own room instead, she’d learnt her lesson from last time she meddled in Jenna’s problems with Jeremy. As she slammed her bedroom door she noticed a small white piece of folded paper placed neatly on her bed. Yet again confusion hit her and curiosity got the best of her. Carful not the rip the fragile note she unfolded it and began to read the simple, short message written inside.

‘Elena, meet me at the town square near the fountain at 6 we need to chat…

~  Kater---  Katherine x’

For what seemed like the billionth time today her cheeks turned red and her heart beat increase in speed. This girl made her feel alive, excited and most of all happy. Though they’d only spoken once it felt like they’d known each other for a life time, which would probably sound stupid if she said it aloud. 

Out of the blue she decided to shower, change her clothes and apply some unneeded make-up, and justified this by saying ‘ wouldn’t want to make a bad impression now would I’. Jenna heard the shower running and decided to go down stairs and get some money out of her purse for Elena. Happiness was an understatement as to how Jenna was feeling, for once her usually depressed niece was making an effort. 

Delicately Elena applied her natural looking make-up trying not to over-do it. Even though she wanted to impress Katherine she didn’t want to come across as eager, which is why she had decided she would turn up at least half an hour late. With a bright smile on her face Elena turned towards the alarm clock on her desk and danced with excitement realising she only had an hour until she’d be sitting with Katherine speaking about silly things and hopefully becoming friends.

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