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you asshole.

you think i'm smiling at you?

you must not understand,because you're across the room.

but i am here to tell you now, i definately,wasn't smiling at you

i was waving, at the dude

behind you

the boy,

behind you

you laugh,,and say i'm trying to fit into your dumbass clique

but what you don't understand is

i hate you,and your girlfriend,

jeez,she is such a fucking bitch,

i just want to rip the head,off her godamned shoulders,

i don't even care, how bad it will hurt her.

you vain,conceided asshole

i just want my space,

so while i walk away, you stay in place

you stupid asshole.

i think, you misunderstood,

my intentions,

you and i do,

do not share a friendship

you and i,

are misunderstood

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