Chap 2

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Seth was being annoying and moody all day while we were out with my friends. I had to threaten to spank him multiple times. He ass was fine by the time we got to the theaters around eight o'clock. The 8:15 Catching Fire showing was sold out so we decided to wait until the 8:55 showing since there was nothing else that interested us.

We sat in the food court just chilling and eating pretzels. Seth was just sitting there quietly and I was trying to forget about how much of an ass he was all day so that it wouldn't be so awkward in front of my friends.
A little kid ran by with a snow cone and Seth stuck out his foot, tripping the boy. I had to keep myself from pulling him over my lap the instinct his foot moved. The boy practically flew a couple of feet, spilling his snow cone all over himself and a little flew up on me. I looked around and couldn't seem to find a parent or anyone rushing to his aid but there were a table of teenagers that were laughing like assholes.
I stood up. "Seth, go get paper towels from the bathroom."
Seth crossed his arms, "No."
I took a menacing step towards him. "Now." I growled.
He stood up to fast and knocked over his chair he raced off to find the bathroom without righting the chair. I turned to glare at the table of laughing teenagers, silencing them immediately I moved towards the young boy, probably around four or five, maybe six at the most. He tried to scoot away, looking at me fearfully. I knelt down next to him.
"It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you. What's your name little guy?"
"Christian... I'm really sorry about spilling my snow cone on you sir please don't be mad at me." He lowered his head.
I was impressed at how well he spoke for looking so young. "I'm not mad at you Christian, you didn't try it." Seth returned with a large stack of paper towels and I took one, starting to wipe the child off. Christian watched Seth carefully.
"Seth go wait in the car we're leaving."
"But - "
I cut him off with a glare and he walked out to the parking lot.
"How old are you Christian?" I asked as I finished cleaning him off and started with the mess on the floor.
"I'm five years old sir."
"Well you speak very well for someone so young. where are you parents?" I asked and instantly regretted it as the smile disappeared from his face.
"I, I don't know sir."
I stopped for a second, "What do you mean you don't know?"
"They, they just disappeared a couple of weeks ago."
I swallowed dryly, my heart ached for this boy. I looked down at his clothes and noticed how dirty they were. "Where are you staying?"
He shrugged, "Wherever," he answered simply.
"So you're living on the street?" I asked and he nodded. "How did you get the money for that snow cone?"
Christian looked ashamed, "I stole it sir."
I had finished cleaning up the mess and I stood, holding out me hand for the boy to take. "Come on." Christian looked unsure, but stood as well and took my hand anyway. I said goodbye to my two friends, handing them the two unused tickets and told them to take the girls they were flirting with earlier instead.
"Show me where you stole it from Christian."
He nodded and lead me over to a little shop in the food court that sold a variety of frozen desserts. The cashier eyed him angrily.
"Is this your kid?"
"No he is not."
She glared at him, "Well keep the little punk away from here. We don't tolerate thievery."
The little 'punk' started to cry silently, bowing his head. He tried to get away but remembered I still had a hold of his hand. As soon as he stopped pulling I let go of his hand and fished around my pocket for money.
Christian bolted and I dropped the twenty on the counter, chasing after him.
I caught up to him in a few steps due to our size difference. I picked him up and he squirmed around, trying to get away.
"Calm down Christian. You have nowhere to go." I whispered to him. I probably should have used different word choice, but it worked and he stopped struggling. I positioned him so he was on my hip and carried him out of the food court and away from the little scene we made.
When we got outside in the cool brisk air I set him down on the sidewalk.
"I'm sorry sir. Please don't hurt me." he whimpered, shivering at the cool air. I sighed and slipped my hoodie off over my head and helped him into it.
It was almost comical how large it was on his small frame. "I'm not going to hurt you, okay? I'm trying to help you, please don't try to run away again."
"I won't sir."
I held out my hand once again and he took it. We walked out to my car and I saw Seth sitting against the door, nervously biting his lip. I unlocked the car, ignoring the curious look I was getting from Seth.
My boyfriend stood up and got in the car while I popped the trunk and dug out two thick mechanic manuals.
"What are you going to do with me sir?" Christian asked as I slid the books into the back seat on top of each other.
I turned to him, "When was he last time you had a decent meal?"
"I don't remember sir."
"Exactly, you're coming back to my house with me."
Seth's head snapped back to look at me. "What?!" he said loudly making Christian cringe.
"Yes. He's coming back home so he came eat and rest because I am not going to send a child back out on the street."
Seth looked at me wide eyed, but turned back around nonetheless.
"You don't have to do that for me sir."
"Just get in the car Christian." The boy slide silently on top of the books and I buckled him in.
He tugged at the belt, "What is this?"
I furrowed my eyebrows, "Its, it's a seat belt Christian."
He nodded his head thoughtfully. I closed his door, got in, and we drove away.

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