~Sarah's POV~

I shot up from my tattered blanket. I wasn't even woken up by anything. It's kind of like instinct now. I wiped the grime from my eyes and glanced around.

I don't even have to get dressed, I slept in my clothes. I yawned, longily wanting to get back to sleep. I couldn't even check the time so I couldn't tell wether I was late or not.

I wiped my tounge over my teeth and combed my hands through my hair. Grabbing my back-pack I went towards the enterance, just in time to meet with Mitch. I guess I'm not late.

"Hey." he said as I walked up to him.


We started walking only to meet with Jerome a few minutes later. "What's up, biggums?" He smiled towards him and replied "Nothing, what about you?"

"Nothing new."

I edged out of the way, wouldn't want to get between them. I'll question all 4 of them after school. We continued walking, meeting with Ty and Adam in the school yard. I never really had anyone to talk with before school. I felt wanted.

~Time skip to mid-school day~

Yes! We had art!

I freaking love art. I'm not half bad at it either. I didn't talk to anyone during any of my subjects, but especially art. I always concentrated hard in art. We had to draw a forest scene.

I didn't quite finish, but it went pretty good. I got alot done.

School was ending soon and I had one class left. My least favourite one.

I really don't like french.


I met all 4 of them outside. We waited until all the other student vacated the premisis, so to speak.

"Alrighty, I've got some questions." they looked my direction.

"Okay, how old are all of you, and what year in high school?"

"Everyone except Ty is 18. Ty's 17 and we're all grade 12." they replied in unison.

It made me feel even younger. I'm only 14 and in grade 9. Okay, next question. "How'd you meet?"

"I met Mitch in grade 4, and me and Mitch met Ty and Adam grade 7." Jerome replied.

Okay. one last question. but this one's gonna be awkward for both them and me.

"Are you guys like, a thing?" I replied gesturing to Mitch and Jerome, and Adam and Ty. "What do you mean a thing?" Ty asked. "Like... y'know..." I leaned in his ear "Dating?"

He pulled away. "Uhh, Mitch and Jerome are, but not me and Adam." he said, gesturing to them. Ohh. I see now. Adam questioned Ty and he explained it to him. Adam's cheek went red. "What gave you that idea, and how did you know about Mitch and Jerome?"

I replied sighing, "You guys just seemed so, close."

Mitch and Jerome clued in and there faces both went bright red and hot.

"Aww, you guys are so cute together!"



I love you guys, and thanks for reading this fanfiction (no I'm not ending it don't get the wrong idea mehh~ this won't end for a long time :D

(Side note, yeah they're basically the same age, I know not IRL but it's easier to work with in the story please don't yell at me ;-;)


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