Holding Therapy

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Justin's POV

Therapist: "Okay Mr. Bieber before we start just know this isn't fun to watch okay?"

J: "Yes, I understand."

Therapist: "She's going to say things you never thought she would say."

J: "Alright." 

I felt a little bad doing this to Tara but it had to be done. The Nurse brought Tara in and she ran right into my arms.

Tara: "Daddy!" She had the biggest smile on her face.

J: "How was it baby?"

Tara: "Fun!"

J: "Good."

N: "She was a very good girl."

J: "no problems?"

N: "She did everything I asked her to do."

J: "That's my girl!" I said while kissing her cheek, she giggled.

Lately when I was home when I asked Tara to do something she would say 'No'. Or she would have a tantrum, and brake things. 

Therapist: "Okay let's get started."

J:"Wait my girlfriend is coming to help."

Just  then Ariana came in the door.

A: "I'm sorry I'm late."

I just smiled at her.

Tara: "Ariana!"

Tara got of my lap ran into Ariana's arms.

Ariana then sat down nest to me with Tara in her arms.

Therapiest: "Are you ready?"

J: "Yes."

Therapist: "Tara can you please come here?"

Tara: "Why?"

J: "Tara baby listen to her please."

Tara got up and gave her a weird look at walked over to her.

Therapist: "Okay, now your just going to lay here on my lap."

She laid Tara down on her lap and she had us come over and hold her arms down.

Therapist: "How does this feel?"

Tara: "Okay?"

Therapist: "Look at me Tara when you talk."

Tara: "I wanna get up."

Tara tried to get up. But the Therapist pulled her back down.

Tara: "Let me go."

Therapist: "Look at me honey, what do you want me to do?"

Tara: "LET ME GO!" Tara said getting angry.

She kept trying to get up the the Therapist kept pushing her back down. Tara started to kick.

Therapist: "My Grandma kicks harder!"

Tara: "LET ME GO!"

Therapist: "Look at me, why are you getting mad?"

Tara: "You won't let me get up!"

Therapist: "Your not going anywhere."

Tara: "Let me go you fucking bitch!"

Therapist:"What look at me when you say that Tara."


My eyes widened when I heard her saying those words.

Therapist: "Say it Louder Tara, and look at me."


Therapist: "One more time."

Tara: "NO!"

Therapist: "Yes, one more time!"

Tara: "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy help me!"

I looked at her in the eyes and say tears in them. The therapist looked at me giving me a look not to give in. I had to look away. 

Tara: "Daddy!"

I couldn't give in.

Tara: "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!" 

I looked at Ariana and she looked at Tara in the eyes. I knew she was going to give in the therapiest gave her the same look. 

Tara: "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Help me please Mommy!"

Ariana: "Stop, Stop!" She picked up Tara up and craddled her in her arms.

Ariana: "It's alright honey."

She was breathing heavily. 

Tara: "Mommy." She sobbed into her shoulder. 

But after about 15 secs Tara got up and ran to the door. She opened the door and ran out. 

I got up. 

J: "Tara baby come back!" 

Tara: "NO!"

J: "Baby please!?"

Tara: "You didn't help me!"

J: "Baby?"

Tara kept running she was to weak to open the door to leave the building. 

J: "Come here baby."

I said while opening my arms. 

Tara: "NO!" 

She tried to run to the left but I got her. 

Tara: "NO! LET ME GO!!!!"

J: "Baby come on." 

I said walking towards the room we where just in. As soon at we got there she started to scream. 

Tara: "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy! Don't let Daddy do this!"

Ariana: "Justin babe I think shes good for today." 

Ariana said nicely.  I looked at the Therapist and she nodded. I sighed and put her down. She ran back out. Ariana ran after her. 

Ariana's POV

I ran after Tara after she ran out of the room again. 

A: "Honey please stop running."

She turned around and ran into my arms. 

A: "Why did you run?"

T: "I thought you where going to bring me back to the horrible lady." She sobbed. 

A: "Shhh shhh, calm down baby girl."

T: "Don't make me go back Mommy."

A: "It's alright honey."

T: "Daddy was making me go back?"

A: "I don't know?"

Just then Justin walked out of the room and saw us and sighed. I gave him a sad look. 

J: "I'll take her from her babe." He said a little sad. 

A: "You know what Justin, I'll take her for the day."

J: "Really?"

A: "Yeah, to get her to forget."

J: "Alright, I love you two. Tara baby be good."

She looked at me mad. I sighed and kissed Ariana's lips and Tara sneezed on me. 

J: "Gross!"

Ariana giggled, Tara smirked. 

J: "Want me to sneeze on you?" I asked Tara. 

Tara: "Go ahead! I dare you." She said with a little smile on her face. 

I just walked away, and drove home. 

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