Chapter 7 - what are bestfriends for?

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Third Person's POV

10/4/16 3:23 pm.

You once asked me “what are best friends for?”, I was so pained my lips were suddenly nailed together that it became magically sore.

Blank lined enveloped my mind and you furrowed your eyebrows as you tried to find, answers that will probably forever hidden, from your beautiful eyes that is now being written.

These words that makes up phrases, it is not meaningless for without them I'll be send into dazes. In my eyes, meaningless is anything but you, cause all I can see is your eyes that has a perfect hue.

“what are best friends for?” you said one more time, my lips are sealed again, so my mouth will not be able to say a rhyme.

“What are best friends for?” is the same with “You are the reason my heart is on the floor.”

You are nowhere near to a friend. Never been beside me as my best friend. For you are so special, you filled every corner of heart with jagged heart.

I was so amazed at how you can solve an equation, but are you willing to be the solution, to my heart which your hand is the location?

I'm sorry if I cannot express this out loud, but really, all I want is to yell that you are mine in front of a crowd.

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