Chapter Twenty Eight ~ Of Training and Missions

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"Alright," I started, leaning my back and right foot against a tree and folding my arms. The three genin sat on the grass below me. "Who wants to learn how to walk on water?"

Grins lit up their faces.

"Walk on water?"


"Alright, settle down. You three have been increasing your physical stamina and strengths from day one, but being a ninja also means that you've mastered your chakra networks. That means, being able to walk on water, and furthermore, having precise control of your element(s), once you learn which chakra type you have."

"Awesome! What's my chakra type, Cashile-sensei?" Aisa exclaimed.

"You'll find out soon enough," I said, pushing myself off of the tree. "Follow me."

I walked down to a running stream, genin trailing behind me. Once we reached our destination, I turned around so that I was facing them.

"Okay you three. Start focusing your chakra in your feet. The important thing to remember once you have that down, is that water flows. What does that mean?"

Michiko's hand shot up. I ignored it. Instead, I looked expectantly over at Kento. "Kento?" I asked, singling him out.

Of course, he paled. His weakness was chakra control, id noticed over the past couple missions.

"Why are you picking on me?" He asked defensively. "Why not Aisa?"

I rolled my eyes. "Not that I have to explain this, but both Aisa and Michiko can answer my question correctly. You on the other hand," to prove my point I nodded to Aisa, giving him permission to speak.

"Since water flows, the amount of chakra I have to concentrate in my feet has to flow, too," he said.

"That's an awkward way of explaining it," I said, "but Aisa has the right idea. Michiko?"

"The chakra in our feet has to change with the water. It can't be steady as if we were standing on solid ground. We would fall into the water if we did that." She confidently explained. Chakra was definitely her strength. Which lead to another question in my mind, what to do about her chakra sensitivity. Since chakra wasn't my expertise I'd have to consult Kakashi or Ibiki on that. Or even Sakura, for that matter.

"When you do that, you mean. Expect to fall into the water a couple of times at least before you get it right," I said. It would have been easier for them if I'd taught them how to walk up trees first, but making things easier wasn't my training style.

"So," I said. "Who's ready to get wet?"


Three hours had passed. Michiko was the only one who'd succeeded walking on water so far. She shivered next to me, clinging onto her clothes.

"You can go home, you know. They," I shot a look over to the boys who were flailing repetitively in the water, "aren't allowed to leave until they figure it out. But you're done for the day."

She shook her head vigorously, " I want to be here for support!"

I shrugged my shoulders. "Okay..."

I observed her and the two boys in the water curiously. How did I get a team like this? They genuinely cared for each other in ways that team 7 never did. I didn't care about any of my teammates at that point. I tolerated them. Naruto and Sasuke hated each other. Sasuke left him in the dust to prove it. Sakura mindlessly chased after Sasuke, a boy that would never love her. And Naruto pined after Sakura who flat out rejected him.

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