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Pen Your Pride

Life that hated life. (prolouge)

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Amy and Elizabeth were best of friends. They had known each other for most of their lives, even their parents were best of friends. There was a problem in this perfect family of friends though, both girls have been to every school in the county over the past twelve years. Both would move school and house together so they knew someone in their new home.

Their newest school, and their last, was called st grange's high. The uniform was dull. The jumper was a maroon colour, the shirt was yellow and the trousers were black. They had been here for a year and despite all that happened, they stuck at it and stayed their to finish their GCSE year.

It is January, nearly Feburary but that still means January, and the mock exams were coming to a close. Amy and Elizabeth had just finished their last exam and were on their way to English. They talked about how easy they found their chemestry exam, as did every one else. Three boys that hated the two of them, for whatever reason was unknown, they'd never spoken to the boys, never reacted at their snide and offensive comments. They were sensible teenagers, a dying breed, that would ignore what was best to be ignored.

"Amy?" The middle one called to her, he was the ring leader. "Wanna come to dinner?" He said with a tone that showed he was trying his damndest to wind them up. The ignoring had never really stopped the boys bullying them.

Amy and Elizabeth hurried to English. The boys wouldn't say anything around a teacher. Thats why the Amy and Elizabetyh sat at the very front, right next to Mrs Jones' desk, They were too cowardice to bully and be caught. WERE, until today. The last straw was drawn. The last thing Amy would ever hear someone else say. James, the leader of the gang, leaned forward to whisper in Amy's ear. Elizabeth didn't hear what was said but it wasn't something nice. That would be why James got a slap in the face, and Amy actually walked out of her lesson.

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