The Meal

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The evening started well, we all sat down. I had Zak at one side and Jake on the other. I wasn't looking forward to this for one bit. With Zak being here means trouble and that's what I need to find out. It can't be a social visit? Can it? No it can't
"Here are some menus" the waiter says with a voice that sounds familiar, I look up from the table and look into the eyes of Owen my cousin
" OMG OWEN" I jump out my seat and jump on him, he stumbles for a minute
" hey little cuz" he says as he squeezes me
I probably looked like a mad woman to everyone else but I can't help my excitement for my cousin
" hey what you doing here?" I ask stepping out of the hug
He looks at my mum and it's then I suddenly know, my mum was in on this
"Well..." he runs a hand through his hair
" mum and dad died and your mum says I can stay with you" Aunty Clare and Uncle Ian died? That's why there is so much sadness in his eyes. I take his hand
" I'm so sorry" I squeeze his hand and he squeezes it back
" it's ok it's not your fault" we are silent for a moment
"Aren't you going to introduce me" he laughs pointing at the all confused faces of boys. I laugh
"Everyone this is my cousin Owen" I point to him
"Owen this is Jake, Zak,Jason,Dawson, James, Emi and Alec" he nods
" you better be taking care of my wee cuz here or else" I swear I hear all the boys gulp, little do they know that he is a big softy. They nod quickly
" right I'll go get another chair" Owen says
Jake stands up
"Here have this one man I'll go get another it seems like you two need to catch up" Owen smiles
"Thanks man you have my respect already" Owen takes a seat next to me
"So your staying with us?" I ask looking at what to order
"Yeah it was your mum's idea"
"Hmmm .. well I'm glad you are" there is so many things to choose from, then I see it my all time fav
"Hunters chicken"
"Hunters chicken" Owen and I shout at the same time
"Double jinx"
"Double jinx" we fall about laughing, my mum smiles but just shakes her head
"What is hunters chicken?" Emi suddenly asks
"WHAT DID YOU JUST ASK EMI?!!!!!" I Shout, he stinks down in his chair
"What is hunters chicken?" He asks again
"Omg tell me your joking!!!" I start at him
He shakes his head. How can be gave not had the heaven on a plate meal like what even!!!!
"Hunters chicken Is a heaven plate, it's chicken with BBQ sauce, bacon and cheese on top" he nods
"That sounds amazing" he says and everyone agrees and that is how we ordered 10 hunters chickens.
" so Owen where do you come from?" Alec asks
"Well apart from my mum" everyone laughs "I came from New York, born and raised there" Alec nods
While the boys talk I feel something in my leg, fingers trailing up and down my bare skin. I look at Zak who looks so innocent, he glances at me and gives me a lazy smile. He draws shapes and for some reason his causes a tingling feeling, I squirm in my seat. He grins I put my hand under the table to remove his hand from my thigh, however he grabs my wrist and draws love hearts on it invisible ones. I jerk my hand away and stand up
" eh I'm going to the bathroom" I walk away with the weird sensation that I felt a year ago.

When I get to the bathroom I look in the mirror and see my face all red. I turn on the cold tap and put my hands under. The cooling soothes my hands. If he wants to play this game I can do the exact same thing back.
Zak you have no idea what's coming.

When I get back to my seat I see that our dinner has arrived however no one has touched their food.
I sit down and everyone grabs their knife and form and starts to eat, I take a glance at Zak from the side of my eye who looks like he is in deep enjoyment of his meal. I take this as a opportunity to start the games. I take my hand and place it right in his thigh and slowly run my fingers up towards his pelvis.
I take a bit of my chicken
We all look at Zak whose face is red.
"You ok Zak?" I ask sweetly taking my hand off his thigh and take my knife instead.
He nods "yep couldn't be better" I hit his back hard to help him stop choking or just to annoy him. He jerks forward and finally stops choking.
He stands up " eh I'm going to the bathroom" and he walks away.
Mission accomplished
Owen leans over " I hope he is alright" I nod and continue eating when I feel my phone vibrate
I look around and see no one else has heard it and I grab my bag and open it for my phone

You want to play games? Sure kitten let them begin

I shove my phone back In my bag and Zak walks over winking at me in the process. Taking his seat next to me he continues to eat without a word or a glance
Hmmmm weird

Zak you better watch your back cause you have no idea what is coming next

I grab my phone out my bag and send him a quick text

Game on honey good luck 😉

He takes his phone out and smirks

"Whats so funny guys?" Emi asks we just shake out heads smiling to ourselves.

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