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Reader's POV

I wake up with a warm feeling. I open my eyes and see Kid sleeping. Wait why was he here. Wait, i remember, nightmare, crying, comfort, ok i do remember.

I slowly move his arm and try not to wake him up. I then grab some extra clothes and head to the bathroom to change. It looks like Kid was a heavy sleeper.


I walk out of the bathroom and head for the kitchen. When i walk in i see Liz cooking breakfast and Patty with a coloring book. She's worn down most of the yellow crayon already.

"Oh, Morning _____," Liz speaks up. Patty then turns her chair around. "Morning ____," Patty says.

"Morning guys," i said with a yawn, "What's for breakfast?"

"We have some bacon and pancakes with some orange juice," Liz says.

"That sounds delish," i responded.

Kid's POV

I was starting to wake up when i notice something was missing. ____ wasn't here. I started to run downstairs to look for ____ and when i opened the door she was there eating breakfast.

"I won" _____ said with a small smile.

"In what?" i question.

"In waking up first" she said still chuckling, "Hurry up and eat some breakfast we're leaving in five minutes, you should also consider changing," Liz said.


I grab eight pieces of bacon and stuff them in my mouth.

"Eysh gou," i said in a hurry.

"What language is that? Gibberish?" Patty asks.

"Kid you better chew and swallow before you speak," _____ says.

I swallowed the bacon and repeat what i said. "Let's go," i said rushing out the door. Everyone follows and Liz locks the door.


Reader's POV

"Why *pant* is there *pant* so much stairs *pant*?" i asked out of breath.

"That's just how Lord Death built the school i guess," Liz responded.

"Well i'm going to go talk to my father ok?" Kid says.

"Ok" Me, Patty, and Liz said in unison. Patty and Liz then take me inside of the school and showed me where Professor Steins class is. His name sounds like the other half of frakenstein. When we walked in a man with stitches and a big bolt on the side of his head held a knife up to my throat. "Class," he started "Today we will be dissecting this speciman also known as the new student".

I gulped and slowly took some steps away from the knife. I then followed Liz and Patty to theirs seats cause it looked like Stein didn't care.

When i sat all i could think was Kid. His golden eyes. His cute white stripes. Could i really be falling for Kid? Why is life so complicated? Well i'm going to have to talk to Lord Death after class. Is it normal? Grr i hate being confused.


"And that's why you should never be late because then i have the oppurtunity to dissect you, class dismissed," Stein said in his usually monotone voice.

"Liz, Patty i'll meet with you later i have to go talk to someone," i said to them.

"Ok be safe," Patty says.

I walked to Lord Death's room. I noticed Kid was there and he was still talking to his father.

"Kid how's the research on Medusa's daughter?" Lord Death asked.

"It's going well but i can't tell her because then she'll get upset with me and i think i'm starting to fall for her," Kid responds. I dropped my books and Kid turned around. "_____ it's not what it looks like," Kid tried to explain but it was to late i had turned around and exited the room. When i turned around the corner and bumped into someone.

"_____, are you ok?" a voice asks. I quickly wiped my eyes but the image was still blurry. I instantly knew it was Black*Star because of the blue hair. "____, what's wrong?" he asks. "Kid, research, me, sad," i could barely speak. "What?! Kid did something to you!?" Black*Star said. I couldn't say nothing cause of the tears. Black*Star then helped me up and told me "______ go get your stuff, your gonna stay with me and Tsubaki for a while".


I'm glad Patty and Liz aren't home otherwise i wouldv'e been busted. I quickly packed and headed out the door. "Goodbye manor," i said walking outside.