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1. The word "slut" was originally used to describe a woman who didn't keep her room clean!

2. Music is as addictive to the brain as drugs!

3. Smelling bananas and green apples can help you lose weight!

4. Lake Michigan can become so clear after the ice melts that you're able to see the shipwrecks 300 feet below the water!

5. Using a remote controlled camera, biologists caught dolphins getting high by sucking on puffer fish!

6. There's a resort in Japan located in a mountain peak from where you can see a sea of clouds floating below you!

7. Studies show that eating chocolate can improve your math skills!

8. It takes longer to drown in salt water than fresh water. The salt water draws your blood out of your cells into the lungs. You drown in your own blood.

9. 'Whatever' has been voted the most annoying word 3 times in a row!

10. Too much homework can cause stress, depression and even lower grades!


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