Rejected, Replaced & Forgotten - chpt. 2

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Rejected, Replaced & Forgotten

Chapter two


            I looked at the girl before me and was completely and utterly captured by her. Her eyes were like an overcast sky. They shined and sparkled and by the way they widened slightly I knew she had been captured by me as well. I felt as though the world had suddenly stopped turning, we were suspended in space, just me and her tied together through the stars. I felt my wolf howling in joy as he hungrily ravished our mate with his eyes, wanting me to go and wrap my arms around her.

            And then Leah locked her lips on mine and the spell was broken, I kept my eyes open as Leah kissed me, unable to process what had just happened. I had just turned eighteen today, I thought I would have a few years to meet my mate—not a few hours.

            “Mate,” she whispered. Leah removed her face from mine and spun around to stare at the girl, as did everyone else. I wiped my face free from emotion and looked at her as if bored. When on the inside I was praying she would just leave.

            Jay, my beta, was the first to break the awkward silence. His laughed boomed throughout the courtyard, “What did you say lil’ sis?”

            The girl instantly blushed, “I—I—”

            One of my boys laughed, “I think she said mate.” A pang of anger wracked through my body, my wolf hated that I was letting them mock her.

            The girl looked over at me pleadingly, expectantly, as if she was waiting for me to make everything okay. But I couldn’t. I hushed my wolf and made myself look up and down her body. She was wearing baggy clothes, so there wasn’t really much to see. She had her dark hair tucked up into a ponytail that was hidden by an old, scabby looking baseball hat. The only thing that was pleasant about her appearance was her face, it was angelic, innocent.

                        “Yeah right, like anything like that would be my mate, too plain, too boring, and too... unattractive.” As soon as the words were out I heard my wolf growling and snapping at me, something I’ve never encountered before.

            I watched as her heart broke in front of me, her eyes filled with tears sending my wolf howling. “What are you talking about Cole? I’m your mate! I’m the future Alpha Female!” My wolf was begging me to smooth things over, fix it while I could. But pride got the best of me.

            Jay looked like he was about to pass out, it was no secret that he valued his reputation more than anything. And right now his little sister was ruining it.

            “Liv—shut up. Stop spewing this crap and move on already,” he growled. I felt my instincts to protect her kick in but fought it.

            She glared at her older brother, her eyes turning stormy. “I’m not lying Jay! I swear!”

            One of my pack members laughed, “You heard Cole, he said you’re not his mate so let it go while you have some dignity left!”

            Liv turned and stared at me, she was pleading with me, I could tell. She wanted me to say something, and I was almost positive she was second guessing herself. I stared right back, feigning boredom. I didn’t want a mate. I couldn’t have a mate. And I didn’t want Liv. So I did the only thing to keep her away—I broke her heart.

            “Please, although I find this mildly flattering it’s also getting annoying. So just go along with your little friend and leave me alone.” My wolf was raging inside of me, to the point where it was almost painful.

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