Don't Play With Me

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It been about three weeks since Noah and I have been mated and it has been insane, he refuses to leave my side and he's even become buddy buddy with my dad, but I'm happy to say we are in a good place. He still tries to put the moves on me but I nip that right in the butt every time but my resolve is is starting to give in, I allow him to kiss me on the cheek and hold my hand without protest and I know it calms his wolf and it's pretty calming for me too. It was almost Thanksgiving and I'm so excited to go back home for a bit and see my girl Janelle, who is currently talking my ear off.

"Girl and this bitch... this fucking bitch was all like "We should twerk and then break into a twerk split..." like don't get me wrong I love a good twerk but not for a talent show in front of the parents and children... like I'm not trying to catch a case."

"I told you not to add her to the roaster but nope your dumb ass didn't want to listen." I laughed at her current dilemma.

"What the fuckever bitch... when does your flight get in? I'm so excited to see you! I've missed you so much my life has been boring without you. Plus I can't wait to meet my new sister, speaking of where is April?"

"She's on a date with Luc.." I made a face into the camera.

"Awww they are so cute... How is your sexy ass boy?" I stopped smiling when she mention Noah.

"Girl calm your ass down... I don't want your man." She sucked her teeth making me apologize what can I say I'm protective.

"I love you... He's good not very happy that I'm going to be gone for a week."

"Them alpha's...." I yawned we had been talking for almost 3 hours and I was getting tired.

"Okay I get it... go to bed. I'll talk to you soon and see you soon. Love you!" She kissed into the camera,

"Love you too! ByeBye!" I waved exiting out of the call moving my laptop to my nightstand.

"So that was Janelle?" I jump led throwing my laptop toward the voice

"Woah there... and her I thought we were making progress." Noah laughed holding my laptop in his hand I was thankful he caught it because my mom would've killed me if I broke another macbook.

"Da fuck are you doing here my guy?" My hand was on my heart trying to stop it from beating so fast.

He continued to laugh but I don't think he understood how close he was to being punched in the face, I crossed my arms waiting for him to finish. Which caused him to stop laughing and zoom in on my chest and I realized I was wearing a sports bra and booty shorts.

"Nope!" I quickly rushed into my closet and threw on a sweater.

"Sorry..." He smiled pulling me into a hug, finding his place at the top of my head.

"It's okay... now what are you doing here." I pull away going to sit on my bed and he sits in front of me on the floor.

"You are so beautiful you know that?" He grabbed my hands playing with my fingers.

That caused me to smile "You have stated that everytime I see you so I guess I do."

"When are you leaving?"

"Friday... as soon as we get out of school we are heading to the airport."

"And you'll be gone all week?"

"Yup..." I said sadly, I was excited to go home to see my family and friends but I really didn't want to leave Noah... I feel everyday our bond got stronger and I grew more attached to him.

"Hey.... we'll be okay, and we can video chat everyday." He wiped a tear I didn't even realize was coming out.

"True... Now what are you doing here?" I straightened up snapping a quick photo of him sitting down to put on my instagram later.

"Well... as you know the concert is in December and i was wondering if you want to come with me?"

"Wait me?"

"Of course! Who else would I take?"

"I.. don't..know."

"Well do you want to go with me?"

"Of course I'll go with you... but don't be mad if I leave you for him" I joked but he got up and pinned me to the bed.

"Oh really?" He said with a bit of an edge in his voice rubbing his nose against mine his eyes starting to turn colour. I knew I shouldn't push him but somehow I still did it and I did it often, I did it with my brothers so it was natural.

"Yup... I mean he's a lyrical genius and he's handsome af sooo..." He used one of his hands to trace the side of my body.

"It looks like we aren't going then."

"Like hell we aren't... do you know how hard it was to get those tickets? I don't think you do... we are going."

He laughed but it wasn't his normal laugh it was a lot deeper looking between us "I don't think you are any position to be making demands." I tried to push his chest when I realized the position we were in but he didn't budge one bit.

I needed to try a different technique "Please alpha...? I promise I'll be good." His eyes changed completely over revealing his wolf.

"Don't play with me child..." His wolf smile taking a whiff of my hair.

I looked away showing respect "No, no, no turn back to me." I turn back to his icy blue eyes.

"Sorry..." I meekly say.

"Oh don't act shy... you weren't acting this way a few seconds ago." I didn't see his wolf often but even when I did it always made me nervous, his wolf wasn't as calm as his human form.

"If you play with fire love you are destined to get burned." He smiled wickedly

"Bring Noah back please..." He climbed off of me pushing his way to the wall shaking his head in the process.

"Sorry..." he turned back to me once he had control.

"It's okay... my fault I push your buttons." I laughed pushing my shirt that has risen up a little bit.

"You always do... well I better go. See you later?" He asked and I just nodded my head as I watched him jump out of the window.

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