Chapter One

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Dear Diary,
Today is June 11, 1520. The past Duke of Anawalt made a law that every girl and boy that becomes the age of 17 will have to be taken away from their home and trained to become either a solider or a servant. Either way we are to be ripped away of our freedom and rights. No more of the love and comfort of our family and friends. We will become slaves to the "noboles." I can't sleep at night. I wake up soaking wet from my own sweat because within 7 days I will become the dreadful age of 17.
Your Faithful Writer
McKenna Swan

"McKenna can you please go and fetch a bucket of water from the well for your father. He must be dying of thirst. He hasn't stopped plowing the fields this morning."

I looked up from the book I was reading to my sleeping 3 year old brother and looked at my mother who was salving over fire cooking for our tiny family of four. I just simply smiled and gently laid the book down on the side of the table, so I wouldn't wake up my brother
I was lucky few who learned to read, write and mathematics. My mother had taught me, who she learned from a passing stranger 20 years ago. But in a few lessons that stranger fell in love with that farmers daughter. And she fell in love with him. The passing stranger decided to stay and merry her. Instead of following his job as a writer he settled down built a little cottage and became a farmer.

Now 20 years and 3 kids later, their love is still as strong as day one.

Mother told me at a young age to never tell anyone what she was teaching me. Even never tell to anyone what me father knew. If the Kingdom knew what my family could do there would be no telling what woe happen. And my other didn't want to find out. Schooling was only for royalty. Not for common pheasants.
I smiled at my mother and nodded. "Yes mother. Would you like some also. You look tired. Why don't you take a seat and rest and when I get back I will finish with the evening meal." I walk over to her and laid a hand on her back and gave her a small grin when she looked up at me with weary eyes.

She gave me a small kiss on the top of my forehead and sat down in the old creaking wooden rocking chair. "Yes my child. That would be wonderful. Thank you."
I just simply nodded and walked to the door, grabbing the water bucket before quietly slipping out and closing the door.

I looked out at the distant mountains, wondering what it would be like to be free form the laws of the Duke. To live in the hills like the bear. Never bowing down or serving anyone but myself and my family.
I know what my mother was thinking about she stares out in space. Ant day now knights from the kingdom will come to our tiny little village and collect all the boys and girls turning of age.

Everyone thought that when the late Duke passed and his son took over that he would abolish that law. That he was going to be out savior from the nightmare everyone was facing. But as it turned out he is just as bad as his ungrateful flea bag son of a bitch bastard of a father.

Mother, over the years, has taught me some useful techniques that I will need to know to become a high class servant. So that maybe I will be able to go further and be more advanced than the other girls.

My father though, against my mothers wishes, has taught me the art of swords-man-ship. So that if the time ever arises I will be able to protect myself. That is one thing that I look forward to every day.
But secretly I wanted to learn because I promised myself that I will have my vengeance. I will take the Dukes life. He will die at my own hands. I will not have my little brother face what I know will lead him to certain death. And I will not have my parents hurt and go through the pain by losing yet another child.

I have decided that I will sacrifice my own life to save, not only my family's pain, but the hundreds that will be lost if I don't do this. I will kill the Duke of Anawalt and who ever stands in my way!



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