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I walk into the room I was told to go in. I see two gingers. A brown haired boy with glasses. And another boy. I see a young lady.

"Adam. I see you finally made it"she said. "I actually have a life. "I whispered. I saw the one ginger look away. The other just looked mad. I smiled. This is gonna be fun.


Why am I here. I don't need to be here. Micheal calm down. Just stay calm. That one boy is cute. I think is name is John. I smiled.

I just want to go home. I see that Micheal kid looking at john. I smile

I see that one red head looking at me. I don't do anything at all

I just look at Adam. Jerk. I have a life. Piece of Crap. "So Adam sit by max"the lady said. Wait what. "Um...I'm sorry but no. "I said. She gave me a look. I didn't say anything after.

"So. My name is Amelia. I will be with you five for a while. "She said. "Why"The other red head asked. "Because Micheal. I have noticed that you five. Are different from others. But I think. You all could be friends. "She smiled.

I laughed. "What's so funny"Adam asked. "Us. Friends. Please. I'll have a better time believing you when this guy leaves"I pointed to Adam. "I'll have a better time of you leave"he said.

"Boys. Now I know I must keep you to together. "She smiled.

"So let's get to know each other. Max. You start"she said.

Just great.

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