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Pictures come alive

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BADLUCK ,WELL...SHE'S AWSOME! great writer too

November16,2005 (1:34 pm Funeral)

We are gathered here today freinds and familey of the OConners in honor of Mrs.Scarlet OConner,a wonderful wife of Mr.Donnel OConner,and mother of Emilie OConner.says the man at the front.

i look around with my wide blue six year old eyes not knowing what was going on my blond curls wiping around my face.I didnt know what to do so i went stepping out quietly so no one would see me.Daddy had made me wear a little balck dress and head band.I kept walking through the church till i reached a long hallway filled with paintings,art,pictures and drawings of everything you could think of I was wolking don the hall when a saw something move on one of the pictures.I walked up to the picture to see it was one of my moms pictures.

I didn't know why mommy whold have a picture here so I keep walking when out of the corner of my eye I see it move again so i go running back to the picture to see what it was,but when i looked it looked the same as before i got scared and whent running through the hall again but this time i see more of the ones I pas move i look back and it's like they are looking at me but little did i know that they acually were looking at me,and little did i know that mabye if i wasn't walking down that hall the pictures wouldn't have come alive....... That day when me and my daddy got home Isat on my bed wait ing all night for mommy to come say good night but she never did, I did this till i found that mommy wasn't evey coming back..........

(11 years later)

I jump awake when a hear the shrill sound of the bell ringing,OH GOD did I just fall asleep in class. ok I shouldn't have been out late last night at that party.I could have been sleeping if m best and only friend hadn't dragged me out.ugh.I walk out of class and right into guess who my best friend delilah (delly)I fall down on my bum and so doese she we both huff at the same time then burst out laughing,we stand up and start walking to P.E. i look at her and we start talking about the latest gossip "hey! i can gossip too" we finally get to the gym and change to or uniform.

We turn to the coach who anounses we get a free period so i pull out my scetch pad and start drawing a butterfly sitting on a flower with wing blowing at the flower then i color it in just as i finish the bell rings so i close the book and stand up with my friend and we walk home as were walking i have a weird feeling in my stomach that something is not wright so when we got to her house she walked in and i was left to walk on my own.

i was walking when i finally got home and the nagging feeling was still there so a pushed it away as lack of sleep but it's hard to sleep when you keep nagged at so I sat up and something made me go to the kitchen i don't know what but then i fount out my backpack i could draw then so i picked out my sketch book and was about to start drawing when i looked at the page it was the first page ang empty I could have sworn i had drawn a butterfly oh well..... i figured that maybe tommorrow would be better to thonk about it so i put the sketchbook on my night stand and turned off the lamp and pushed the nagging feeling to the back of m mind and then prosseded to drift off into a dreamless sleep thinking one last thought before i fell asleep "maybe the drawing will be there in the morning.............

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