Twilight/xmen crossover

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I felt my heart been ripped out of my chest as I saw him disappeared in the moon light. I felt like it had been stomped on like a thousand times. I tried to call his name but he never come. What have I done to deserve this? I tried to move forward put my legs wobbled being me a fell over I didn’t have the energy to get back up so I crawled myself up again a tree.  I closed my eyes and memories flooded back to me. The first time when I saw him looking at me, the first time he touched me with his cold laced fingers. The day in the meadow when he kissed me and when he saved me from James. The looks of the family when I accident cut my finger, When jasper tried to bite me.  Then the memory when he said him and his family are leaving and he didn’t love me and that I was like a pet. I felt my body get anger and anger and my vision started to go red. That what all I was to him a play toy human, a pet to keep him busy when he was board. I felt my anger go through my body.

I tried to take deep breaths trying to control but it didn’t work it was like I was an animal. Then I felt a hot pain go through my body it reminded me of when James had bit me. I felt the sharp pain go to my wrist and stop there then a horrible pain  my me scream I fell my knuckles being like they sliced by a knife, I clinched my hands into fist then  I looked down and gasped this could not being happening.  There sliced out of my hands were long silver metal claws. I felt tears come to my eyes what was happening to me? I was a monster.

“Young one you’re not a monster you’re just special” a caring old voice came through the trees. I jumped up and looked and saw 4 figures come through the trees. Who were they? I thought the a old men chuckled I frowned

“my name is Professor Charles xiover, I can read your mind” he said then I realised he was being carried by a men but what made me shrink back in fear that he had blue fur all over him and he looked like ape but he was wearing dark black trousers and a white doctors coat.

“This a hank don’t worry dear he is harmless” professor said, Hank nodded and smiled. Then I realised the 2 other people one was a female she looked beautiful she had really dark skin and had straight short copped hair like Alice but was snow white. She gave me a small smile. I turned to the last person and saw him staring at me. He looked bear like and had mussels what made me star harder that he had brown and hair and brown eyes they looked like mine. Then I saw him looking at my hand I looked down and saw I still had my claws out I straight my hands out and they went back in, I winced when they went in then i stared at my hands then I looked back up to the professor.

“Why are you here?” I whispered berley I could hear my voice and recognised it. It was rasped and sounded dead.

“I will tell you in a minuet I would like to introduce storm and Logan or Wolverine” he said, storm was the one with white hair and Logan was the one that looked like a bear. Storm gave me a small smile and wave. Logan gave me a quick nod.

“Ok I’m here to bring you to your new home it’s a school it’s for children like you” he said I just stared at him then down at my hands. I looked back up him and spoke

“What am i?” I said, storm stepped forward and knelt down in front of me. I looked in her eyes they were grey but pretty.

“We are mutants Isabella, we are special all of us” she said, in a calm motherly tone. Who did she know my name? She placed her hand on my shoulder then squeezed it. I felt my body brake free and I felt my body shake and tears started to stream down my cheeks. I chocked a sob.

“I’m nothing I’m nothing I’m just plain Jane bell I’m nothing” I kept saying Strom wrapped her arms around me I auotmatily leaned into her hands never leaving my lap I didn’t know what to do. I felt Storm lift her arms off around me then I felt my self-getting picked up in strong arms I looked up and saw it was Logan who lifted me up he gave me a small smile I gave one back and closed my eyes.  I heard people mumbling then I felt a hand stroke my cheek I sighed it felt warm and ruff but for some reason I felt relaxed. I felt him start walking I kept my hand to my chest no clinching them.  I felt like 3 minutes later I heard a worried voice yell my name. I tried to opened my eyes but I couldn’t I was too tied. I heard rustling and then the wind around me felt warm. I felt him place me on the coach I opened my eyes and saw my father across the room looking at me.

“Bells you ok?” he asked. I nodded; I didn’t want to worry him. I looked around the room and saw Logan looking at Charlie and then I realised everyone was looking at Charlie.

“What’s wrong Dad” I asked, I saw Logan flinch I wonder why. I saw pain run across Charlies face. Professor looked at me then to Charlie

“Charlie you have to tell her if we tell her she won’t believe any of us” he said, now I was getting confused. I looked back at Charlie he took a deep breath

“Sweetie I have to tell you something I assume you found out you’re not human.” He said I nodded how did he now?

“Well I haven’t been true to you Bella I’m not your father” he said, the words stung me like a million bees. I looked down at my hands and back to Charlie I felt anger come back and an animal instinct come over “why didn’t you tell me about this about anything” I screeched, everyone flinched. My fa- I mean Charlie just looked to the ground

“You needed protected, it was just after high school me and Renee were married well Professor came to us and asked us to look after you. He explained about everything he will explain to you soon, Renee wasn’t sure but he showed you us you were wrapped in a pink blanket you looked like my daughter that I always wanted she fell in love with you. Then your mother I mean Renee found out she couldn’t have kids and we said yes” He took a deep breath.

“It was about 3 months you had been with us and a man came to get you I told Renee to take you some where she did what she was told. The men had attack me but I held him off he ran away I went to call Renee  when she told me she never wanted to see  me again, she only stayed because of you I was heartbroken she said I could see you but she wanted a divorce” he finished, I felt tears start to trickle down my face. I looked up at Charlie and I asked him a question that I wanted answered. I think.

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