Chapter One: Half Dead, Half Alive

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The blood coated his body and made his chest rattle as he tried to breathe. CT-5555 gasped for breath, trying to keep his eyes open. They had left him. They had left him. Surely the Jedi knew there was life left in his body! Surely...surely...surely... Fives gasped and he tried to he tried to get to his feet. Pain flashed through his poor body as he struggled. The clone fell in a heap, gasping for breath. His hazel eyes squeezed shut and he wouldn't let a whimper pass his lips/

Fives moaned. He twisted his head around, trying not to get blood all over him. But what was the use? He was going to die. And if he didn't die, he'd be taken back to Kamino. And Kamino was hell with coordinates. Fives would rather die than be taken back there. His heartbeat seemed to be the loudest thing in the room.

If he didn't die, he would be enslaved. Not that he already wasn't a slave. There was a long dead clone who had told him that the Jedi were little more than slavers. He'd screamed that as Fives had lead him away. And that clone...that brother was was probably dead. The cloners killed most of the defects as it was. The blind, the lame, the ones with more fingers than normal...all those who weren't perfect. Enslaved clones were little more than dogs in the galaxy.

Darkness seemed to haze around his vision. Fives turned his head around, trying not to say anything. He just felt bad. And he wanted to die. If he died, they couldn't torture him. He couldn't be sold as a pleasure slave. This would all be over. The pain, the suffering, all of it.

Something moved in the next room. Fives closed his eyes and waited for the end. He was going to die and there was nothing he could do about it. As he'd said before, a clone was worth nothing in the grand scheme of things. Krell had proved that. Krell had gotten away with karking an unwilling clone. Of course, nothing happened to the Jedi, sans getting shot. But when that clone took matters into his own hands and killed the Jedi, the clone was probably put down. He was taken back to Kamino.

It was all going to be over soon. Fives said nothing and just waited for the end. What was left for him to say? Please don't kill me because I'm going to bleed out anyways?  Just let me die in a pool of blood and don't take me to Nar Shadda or Zygerria. Yeah, right. It was so likely that the slavers would listen to him. Because the way most saw him, he was just their next unpaid laborer. Fives said nothing as he struggled for breath. Why was he even trying? Why couldn't he just die?

Fives closed his eyes. The cold metal bit through his plasticoid armor. Fives twisted his body around as best he could. It was just another cold, nasty building. What a place for him to die. He'd been denied love. A family. A childhood. Parents. A life that wasn't violence and torture and war. All of that sacrifice for what? A blaster bolt that tore open his belly and left him to die. All because he was just a clone and the Jedi could make a thousand more of them in his place. He was worthless. Just another meat droid in the line up.

He put one hand over the ragged burn. Couldn't a Force user survive something like this? Hadn't some Sith survived getting cut in two? So why was this going to kill him? Fives felt the blood pool around his fingers, as if taunting him with his own impending death. This was it. All he'd be was a soldier slave with the name "Fives". He was just a number, not a man. Just a slave...

Fives looked up at the photoreceptors of what had to be a Seppie battle droid. Fives made a quick choice. The droid would kill him in a second. The slavers would kill him in years. Fives groaned from the pain. "I'm right here! I can't fight you Just kill me..."

The droid gave him a long look. "Designation: B-76 has been reprogrammed not to harm sentient life. Designation: Melia Skye has sent Designation: B-76 to scan and collect injured sentient life."

Fives barked a harsh life. "Yeah, I'm not sure I count as "sentient". Just put a bolt through my heart and be done with it! I'm gonna bleed out anyways."

"Designation: Unknown. State Designation." The droid paused as if waiting for him to say something.

"Just kriffing kill me!" Fives all but begged. Here he was, beaten and broken, perfect prey for a battle droid. It was like this thing had been reworked for some slaver to use. Fives closed his eyes and tried to quell the rising panic. This was it. He was going to be used as a slave for the rest of his life and there was nothing he could do about it.

But instead of slapping a collar on him and stunning him, the droid vanished to wherever it had came from. Fives grinned with bloodless lips. Well. It looked like he was too much of a mess for the slavers to deal with. Small victory, that. He fell backwards and started to let the sweet darkness overtake him.

Fives completely missed the cursing and the voice pleading with him to just hold on.

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