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Your POV:

I wear my England gear, last time I was playing USA this is how I met Lauren. In a way I wouldn't met her. Which I'm so lucky. I'm in the dressing room with everyone else. I was listening to Fifth Harmony of course. I was jamming away when I felt a poke on the side of ribs I look up to see Steph there. I pull off my headphones she hands me the captain band. " I think it's your time to do a cap captain." She says smiling. I looked at her. "But your the captain!"I say. "I know but this game you are because well I think you deserve it!" She says putting her arms behind her. I get up and hug her. "Thank you thank you thank you! I won't let you or the team down!" I say releasing her from the hug. "Maybe hug less tighter." She says laughing. "Sorry." I mumble I slowly place the captain band up my arm. I look at myself at the mirror. "You will be a great captain in time." A voice behind me. I jump realising it was Gary our assistant coach. "You really think so?" I also turning around to him.  " I know it." He says smiling putting his hand on my shoulder. I smile. "Thank you." I say.

Lauren Pov:
Me and the girls along all our families,  and Y/N family are going to watch the game. I'm wearing England's jersey with Y/N name and number along wearing USA baseball cap. "Are you excited?" Mum asks me. "Course! I haven't seen Y/N so excited since our first date." I say smiling. We all sit down to our seats. Dinah and Normani are all kitted in USA colours I laugh as they goofing around with other USA wnt fans changing while Camila and Ally are talking. I happy sitting thinking of all the memories I have made with Y/N since we met. I'm so glad I was flirtatious with her. If i didn't I would've never got her.

Your pov:

I'm in the tunnel with the team, right across from me is Alex. I see her holding her fist out. I roll my eyes and do it. "I saw that L/N" she says smirking when we begin to walk out. I chuckle.  We walk out to a roar of fans I see alot young girls around the pitch wearing the England Jersey. That was me once upon a time. I grab hold the hand of a young girl called Kelly who was from a local club. "You alright?" I ask her smiling, she nods very quickly I squeeze her hand. "Everything will be alright."I say. We line up with the rest of team to sing the anthems. I searched the crowd to see if I see my family and the girls. I see Lauren waving mad at me. I giggled slightly but I had to stay serious. This game is huge for me. Every game is, this time it's more personal as it's against my team mates from Orlando and NWSL league. Good thing is I know their foot skills etc.

The ref called me and Alex over we flipped the coin. USA were going to be playing first. " May the Best Team win." I say to Alex shake hands with her. "Bring it on!" She grins.

A/N: hey all! Finally a update! I'm on the train up to Dublin I'm going to see Fifth Harmony tonight 🙊🙊 ahahsmdmsisn I can't fucking wait! Vote comment follow! Peace out

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