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Ariana's POV

Ariana!!! Ari!!! Time for school!!!

I heard my mom yelling from downstairs. I lazily rolled out of the bed and stumbled into the shower.

When I came out, I put on my bath robe and went for breakfast.

"Hey Mom, I said as I grabbed a plate for my pancakes.
  "Mornin' sweetie, did u sleep well?"
"Not reaally , I had thus insane dream about me being kidnapped."
"Sounds more like a nightmare to me."
"Tell me about it."
We both shared a laugh before I gulped down my pancakes.When I was done I ran up stairs and did my makeup, then I picked out what I was going to wear, I kept it casual.

20 mins later I heard the school bus coming,"Bye mom!" I shouted as I raced down the stairs, through the door and into the school bus.


5 more mins until lunch, I waited Impatiently.


As we raced out of the classroom and into the cafeteria, we sounded like a herd of bulls.

Ariana!!! I turned around and it was my best friend Selena, "Hey!!!" U ran to her and gave her a huge hug.


It was 6 o clock and I was walking home from school, I had to walk because of the kids in my class, they were so noisy that my teacher said that we should stay back after school for detention, that cause me to miss the bus.

On my way home, I saw a black van slowly approaching from behind, I wasn't really worried because the road was damaged so people had to drive slow.

After taking a few more steps, I felt some huge hands grab me by my  waist and pull me into the same black van that was behind me.


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