Chapter 10 | The Wicked Witch Of The West

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"Don't let me fall." Eli mumbles to me for the thousandth time, dragging his feet up the stairs.

Letting out a sigh I reply with a hum, gripping his waist even tighter to secure his body weight. As if the iron grip he already has on me wasn't enough, arms thrown around my hips with fingers gripping the sides of my shirt for dear life.

I don't think I've ever been in a more peculiar situation... Eli has a girlfriend -- well, I think they're still together -- and yet here I am, tugging him up the carpeted stair case to find him a comfy place to lay.

The plan I had of avoiding both him and his girlfriend was completely ruined the second he stumbled out on the back patio to greet my brother and I. Oscar had been my main priority, find him and enjoy myself for a little bit.

However the new prospect of me possibly being pregnant with his kid scared me into a shadowed corner where I wanted to dodge him at all costs until I could figure out if I'm carrying his child or not.

My emotions are being tugged in a million different directions and I'm not fully sure how to handle it all.

Eli and Sabrina have been together for so long that I've just gotten used to that idea. I knew Eli and I would never have a chance together, that just wasn't in the books. But now, hearing that he might have broken up with her gives me this sick sense of hope that I shouldn't have.

Unfortunately I can't do that to myself. Eli needs time to recover from a year long relationship he has been in, and I don't want to hurt Sabrina either. Though, I am a bit relieved they might not be together anymore because if Eli can act the way he did with me while be in a relationship, that says something about how unhappy they were.

Knocking on doors with a nearly six-foot tall boy resting against me was a lot harder than it sounds. He refused to not be snuggled against me for more than a second, nudging his nose against the skin under my ear.

But we eventually came across a guest room that was surprisingly empty and untouched. Getting him to the raised bed was a process, forcibly detaching his hold on me with as much strength as I could muster, and laying my hands on his stomach to push him down on the mattress.

Eli simply sat stationary, dark lashes fluttering while he swayed side to side from all the alcohol coursing through his system, nearly falling over before he catches himself, giggling quietly.

"You okay?" I question, hesitantly reaching up to brush a few pieces of wavy hair away from his sweaty forehead.

From my light touch his light green irises disappear fully behind his eyelids, crooning to himself in contentment as he leans into my hand.

"I'm pretty drunk." He expels a large puff of air as if he'd been holding his breath, words slurred together in a jumbled sentence.

Allowing a small smile to grace my lips, I reply with, "I can tell."

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