Dean Ambrose #3 - Halloween

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A/N: Another request that was from my first WWE One Shot book! :) This one was for HollieAllott4! Enjoy! :)

Hollie's POV-

"Are you sure we should do this?" I asked, crinkling my eyebrows as I looked out the window. The large haunted house towered above the car, sending my stomach in knots.

My longtime boyfriend, Dean Ambrose shut the car off and gave me a smile that was barely visible under only moonlight. "It'll be fun!" He cooed, giving me a smile of reassurance as he set his hand on top of mine. "It'll be great." He nodded, pausing for a moment. "I promise."

I looked past him and out the driver's side window again. I bit my lip as I gawked at the Halloween themed scenery before us. Dean pulled me from my thoughts by slipping his hand in mine and lacing our fingers together. "I'll be with you the entire step of the way." He added with a small, closed-mouth smile.

"Fine." I replied jokingly, giving in as I playfully rolled my eyes. I hopped out of the car and shut the door. "But I will regret this!" I yelled over at Dean, wagging an index finger at him. I wasn't able to hold back my smile however, which only made his bigger.

He pulled me close, wrapping his arms around my waist and giving my cheek a big kiss before leading me up to the line. I nervously picked at my nails as we got closer and closer to the dreaded entrance.

He grabbed my wrists softly and darted his gorgeous blue eyes into mine. "Relax." He whispered, giving me a breathtaking smile that definitely helped me to do just that. When I smiled, he mirrored it before adding, "I love you."

"I love you too." I beamed, feeling my cheeks heat up slightly.

He pulled me close again, ignoring the looks we got from other people in line. He nuzzled his face into my neck and kissed it once before stepping back. He examined my face before shaking his own. "What?" I asked curiously and playfully. I raised an eyebrow and tried to hide my amused smile, but it failed.

"You look so beautiful." He complimented, leaving butterflies in my stomach. I looked down bashfully with a wide smile. I reached up and kissed him on the lips after composing myself.

A man's voice spoke up from the line behind us, "Get a room!"

"Oh shut up and get a life!" Dean yelled back, responding quickly and calmly. I couldn't help but giggle. Dean and I were very affectionate in public and we didn't care who agreed with it. We were used to some people mouthing off every now and then, and I couldn't help but just laugh at it now.

We moved even further in the line, causing my jitters and worries to return. Dean noticed and pulled me close. "It will be fun!" He repeated, spreading out and enunciating each word slowly. He smiled down at me before kissing my forehead. "Just trust me."

I gulped and nodded. "Okay."

We stepped up in the line. I peeked around Dean's shoulder and noticed that we were now the first ones in line. I let out a playful gasp. Dean rubbed my back. "It's okay. It's okay. You can do this!"

"I don't know." I drug out the words playfully, making the both of us laugh.

We pulled away from our warm embrace to face the man at the front. He stuck out a hand for our tickets and let off a warm, radiant smile. "Are you two ready?" He asked in a friendly voice.

"Oh yeah!" Dean announced excitedly with a fist pump.

I gave off a mock worried expression and put out my hand, angling it back and forth to represent I was only kind of ready. He chuckled. "Oh, you'll be fine." He reassured with an honest smile.

After taking our tickets, he sent us on our way. I gulped and took slow steps towards the entrance, feeling Dean's hands on my sides. He smiled down at me one last time and whispered, "It'll be fun. I'm here." He kissed the top of my head before both of us entered the dark house.

Lights flickered down a nearby hallway and everything was silent. Every so often, I heard screams from other customers in other rooms. I pushed Dean in front of me and clutched onto the back of his jacket, feeling my heart race. Despite my anxieties, I couldn't fight down my wide smile.

Dean peeked back at me with the same devilishly handsome smile and I almost forgot everything I was worried about. That is, until an insane woman popped out of the wall. I jumped out of my skin and screamed, burying my face into Dean's leather jacket.

He put his arm around me and rubbed my back. "It's okay." He whispered, chuckling only slightly and looking down at me with admiration in his light blue eyes.

I continued down a few more hallways, clinging to Dean's back as I forced him to go first. He had no problem with that, however, and I was surprised that he wasn't as scared as I was. A few more things popped out and I shrieked, but overall, I found myself, smiling and laughing. Dean was right; this was fun.

I, luckily, made it through the entire haunted house without dying and having a heart attack, and I could say that it was actually fun.

"Was I right, or what?" Dean joked, putting his arms out as his dimples sunk in.

"Whatever." I replied, refusing to admit it. I playfully rolled my eyes before pulling him into a big, warm embrace.

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