Chapter 3

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Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh. 

Today is Safar 24, 1433H.

Today I will start by giving some advise. This advise not onlyis meant for you but also for me to follow. 

*Read Suarh Mulk everyday before you sleep. This is on the 29th para. The benefits of sura mulk are tremendous. But the most important one is when you die, surah mulk was save you from the grave's punishment insallah.

*Read Surah Ya-Seen everyday after Fajr. This suarh is the heart of the Quran. This is surah is also read for protection.

These are just two. Insallah we will make an effort to do them. 

Don't tell Allah how big your problems are, tell your problems how big Allah is!


Here is a really good peom. NOT MINE!!! FROM INTERNET.

The most selfish one letter word 

— I, Avoid it at all costs.

The most satisfying two letter word 

— We, Use it every day.

The most poisonous three letter word 

— Ego, Kill it with kindness.

The most used four letter word 

— Love, Value it forever.

The most pleasing five letter word 

— Smile, Keep it on your face.

The fastest spreading six letter word 

— Rumors, Ignore it with truth.

The hardest working seven letter word 

— Success, Achieve it.

The most enviable eight letter word 

— Jealousy, Distance it by ignoring it.

The most powerful nine letter word 

— Knowledge, Acquire it by learning.


-The Paradise is surrounded by difficulties and the Hell-Fire is surrounded by lure and attrations.

-Prayer: The to every lock.

-You are never alone, Allah is always with you.

-"O Allah, i am not your most faithfu servant, I commit sins but I tell people not to, Ya Allah forgive me and strengthen my faith"

Those are from with rewordings. I reworded them.

Jazakallah for reading. May Allah grant us to do these things and to follow the Sunnah of out Propeht (S.) What I write is mainly  for me, and also for you. I make many sins and May Allah forgive them, and also yours. I am not perfect, so this book or chapeters may not be used for proof with/against anything. May Allah give me and you hidah to do these things and for everything. 

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