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Pen Your Pride

How long had it been?  An hour or two? A day?  Serena's blue eyes popped open and she looked around.  She had been moved once again.  No longer was she in a strange scented room with harsh, white walls.  This new room she was in felt a little more...comfortable.  She was in a new tank, much smaller than the last.  It must only be temporary.  She looked around and noticed the walls were blue.  She bent her head over and gazed into the water she was treading in.  It was hot.  It smelled strongly of the salty sea.  Her nose wrinkled in disgust.  She heard footsteps right outside her door so she ducked under the hot waters.  Her vision blurred slightly before her eyes clearly adjusted to the water.  She watched the scientists enter her room, the same group she had woken up to except there was a new human added to the group.  

Serena looked at him, noticing that he was much more attractive to look at than the others.  He was also not dressed in a white lab coat.  Instead he had on a navy polo and tan pants.  He had messy blonde hair and dark blue eyes.

The boy looked over at her and smiled with perfect white teeth.  She quickly ducked her head and let her long blonde hair cover her face from his view.  

Her excellent hearing picked up the conversation between the humans, even from under water.

"So this is the big surprise for the aquarium's new exhibit?" the blonde-haired boy mused.

"Indeed." Dr. Hayes nodded.  "The aquarium negotiated a price for her that we couldn't refuse.  The funding will really help out our lab.  We have already completed all of the tests we wished to run on her.  She is completely clear of any fish or human diseases and seems to be in healthy condition.    Hopefully we will be able to discover more of her kind.  Hundreds of news channels and newspapers have begged to be accepted for an interview or a special viewing session of the mermaid.  Nobody has seen her as requested by the aquarium, and we have only discussed our discovery with two important papers in the area.  The rest will have to wait for her to be revealed to the public which is exactly two weeks away.  It does seem early but she handles us well and we think it would be good to go ahead and get her into her new home." 

Serena's head began to spin as she took in all of this information.

Dr. Hayes continued, "You have been sent here Kyle, because you work at the aquarium, correct?"

"Part-time, yes.  Along with school."

"Your boss believes you are the best person for this job.  She said you were a natural with all of the sea animals you watched over.  So, if you accept, your new exhibit will be with this mermaid.  Do you accept?"  

Kyle glanced over at Serena and nodded, "Yeah, I accept."

He shook hands with Dr. Hayes,and that was that.

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