Chapter Thirty Seven

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"This was fun." I told Arthur as we walk out of the bar.

"Yea" he said smiling at me. I smiled back. I had a great time. I learned a lot from Arthur today and I hope he did to with me. It was also a beautiful night. With a slight breeze and dark sky with half a moon.

"Are you cold?" Arthur asked me and I shook my head. I was never cold really. I believe I've been in the coldest place and just got use to it. Cold is just a normal temperature for me.

We were walking in silence to the corner. His hands in his jacket pocket and mine in my shorts pockets. As we were at the curb I turned to Arthur and stopped.

"This is where we part." I told him and he smiled.

"I had a great time." He said and I smiled.

"Me too." I then leaned in and kissed his cheek, leaving tingles on my lips. He froze as I step down. I smiled and turned around walking back to the Pigs Den to catch up to Becky. I didn't turn around because I knew he was still standing there.

"You guys were so cute!" Becky squeals as I walk over to her as she cleans the tables. It was closing time and it seems just Becky and I were left. I smiled.

"He's awesome" I said as I let out a sigh. I walk over to the bar and sat on it.

"He was so warm. When I was in his arms I felt safe and warm. When he breathed on my neck I was on cloud 9. And his scent. He smelled so good, my mouth started watering. His eyes they both told different stories but they were still look into my soul. He is amazing." I close my eyes and sighing wishing I had more time with him.

I opened my eyes and saw Becky looking at me with eyebrows raised.

"You look like you already love him." She said and I smiled.

"I love the thought of him. But I don't know him enough to love him. Love takes time." I said and she nodded.

When I was in his arms I felt warm, and I liked it. But I like to be cold. To feel numb to feel nothing. But when I was in his arms I felt warm and I liked it. I didn't feel numb and I liked it. I felt everything and I liked it. It was strange. Something I don't understand.

"Hey. You ready to go?" Becky asked at the door. I must have been thinking for a long time. I smiled and jumped off the bar and jogged over to Becky out the door. A slight breeze came over us but it seemed not to effect us. We then started to walk to Beckys car.

"Is it okay if I come by to get my stuff?" She asked as we get into the car and start it.

"Yea, of course." I said and she nodded as we start to drive to my apartment. I leaned my head against the window and look out to see the many trees passing by in blurs.

Tonight was fun and surprising. It was nice getting to know Arthur better. To understand him better. It was nice to know his favorite color and favorite movie. Making him smile and laugh made my life shine a little brighter.

"We're here" I hear Becky say beside me and I look up and see we were. We both got out and went towards my apartment.

"I can change quickly and give you your clothes" I said as I get my keys out as we walk up the stairs.

"No. You should keep them they look better on you anyway." She said and I smiled.

"Thanks." I said as we walk to my apartment door. I get out my keys and unlock the door and we walk in. I leaned against the wood frame and look at Becky with my head tilted. She seemed really frail. She even had to stop and lean against the wall for a second.

"Becky what's wrong?" I asked walking over to her and helping her to sit on the couch. She put a hand on her head and blinked a few times.

"Nothing. Just tired." She said with a smile but I didn't believe her. She tried to get up but I pushed her gently back on the couch.

"Becky." I threatened. I needed to know what is wrong with her.

"I haven't ate in a long time and I guess its finally hitting me." She said

"I have food." I said gesturing to the fridge and she laughed.

"Not that kind of food." She laughed leaning against the couch closing her eyes.

I had no idea to what to do. I didn't want her to get blood from a random person or worst drain someone.

"You can drink from me" I said to her and she laughed.

"Thanks but no thanks. I had werewolf blood before and I'll tell you it does not work and doesn't go down easy." She said and I tilted my head. That's weird. The monsters would always take my blood.

"Then what should we do?" I asked sitting down. She still was closing her eyes and resting her head back.

"I don't want to take any blood either. I don't want to fall off the wagon." She said.

"What about your witch friend, Lily. Cant she make some kind of potion?" I asked and she opened her eyes.

"Your totally right." She said and stood up and grabbed her stuff. She looked well enough to drive.

"Thanks Iris." She smiled. I smiled back.

"Thanks you. This would have never happened without you." She smiled and walked out the door. I went over to it and shut and locked it and went into my bedroom. I got my cigarettes and went out to the fire escape. I sat on the stairs and lit my cig. I took a puff and looked at it.

"Man. I'm really addicted to this." I said out loud and laughed and took another puff.

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