Chapter Twenty-Five

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[Chapter Twenty-Five]

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[Chapter Twenty-Five]

Tonks and Charlie attempted to convince Ringo not to send the letter to Vivian that asked her to remove him from the school. But Ringo didn't listen, he figured he had to do what he thought was best for himself, rather than just listening to what other people wanted of him. He didn't trust himself fully, not when a simple pinch had rendered him into a pathetic mess. Unfortunately, his pleas weren't heard in the way he wanted them to be. Instead of Vivian showing up to the school and taking him out, Ringo found himself being called to the Hospital Wing.

He was sure that Madam Pomfrey wanted a word with him, or at least, an excuse of some sort to see how he was fairing with his eating habits. It was odd to have a house-elf approach him during dinner time with a separate plate made specifically to his taste and liking. If he didn't like something, it didn't take much for the house-elf to clear it away. He wouldn't complain and say that it wasn't a nice gesture, but at the same time, he could see how other students looked in his direction. They were judging him for the special treatment he received during meals as if he were some sort of a spoiled brat. Perhaps to outsiders it looked that way, that Ringo thought he was too good for the food that everyone else was presented with. If they only knew that it was the only way to get him to eat, perhaps they would see it in a different light.

Making his way up the stairs to the Hospital Wing, Ringo came to a halt just a few steps from entering as he heard the sound of voices holding a conversation within the Wing. He recognised one as Madam Pomfrey, the other sounded very much like Vivian and for a few moments, Ringo found himself feeling the odd sensation of being excited. He figured his prayers had been answered and the woman was there to take him away from the school. Finally, he would be able to relax a little bit back at the woman's flat, he was looking forward to it.

However, as he entered, he quickly made note that it was not just the two women that were gathered. In their company was Dumbledore much to Ringo's dislike, Professor McGonagall, and the beautiful Healer that caused Ringo to become red in the face, Liz Ollivander.

Liz spotted him first, turning to him with a kind smile that made Ringo feel warm all over. Yes, the woman was older than him with a son of her own, but he couldn't help but feel like he was melting whenever he looked at her or whenever she looked at him.

"Good afternoon, Ringo," she greeted him, alerting the other adults around them, "how are you today?"

Ringo didn't answer her, looking around the room suspiciously. He was waiting for Aurors to jump out from nowhere as they had done before. However, as he stood around for an extra thirty seconds with those watching him, Ringo didn't find himself under attack.

"What's going on?" He asked, looking past Liz and right over in the direction of Vivian. "Please tell me you're here to take me out of this school."

His voice was practically begging the woman but he was soon met with a sympathetic smile as Vivian went to shake her head. "I'm sorry, Ringo. I didn't get your letter though and that's why I'm here. Will you come and sit with me?"

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